White Label
CTV Advertising Platform

Access. Modify. Control.

  • Expand the range of traditional functions with our up-to-date features for White Label CTV advertising.

  • Develop real-time bidding infrastructure with minimum time and efforts.

  • Customize colors, logos, and other details on your video advertising platform and create your unique user-friendly interface.

  • Manage White Label CTV advertising campaign and forget about technical issues. We'll adjust, fix and make over everything to boost its high efficiency.

White Label CTV

Create the landscape for your lucrative media buying opportunities

Multiple Traffic Sources

White label allows for bringing in new users by offering myriad options of traffic sources. With our platform, you get manageable solutions for connecting only favored ways of traffic in the CTV and OTT landscape.

Guided Onboarding

Our users can get a comprehensive guide and instant help right at the beginning of your work on the platform or any time a difficulty appears. Our support team comes in handy with its expertise and step-by-step instructions for each specific request.


With BidMind by Fiksu, you have an exceptional opportunity to make video advertising in the OTT and CTV space even more appealing. Redesign it to stand out! Use the desired color palette, add your business logo or even change the URL to your domain name.

Personalized Configurations

No extra knowledge required. If you need to adjust, change and/or fix any setup, just let us know. Our professionals will do everything for you. Dive into the world of digital advertising and forget about technical issues.

Comprehensive Approach to Pivotal Issues

White label CTV advertising has become the new black in the digital TV space. Based on the all-embracing marketing analysis, technology enables you to reach out to the relevant audiences holistically.

Our customizable solutions help optimize your work on the video advertising platform and yield superb results.
Create the landscape for your lucrative media buying opportunities
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