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Launch Campaigns with zero wait time and Measure Success in real-time via self serve demand side platform advertising

Buy-side advertising platform

BidMind by Fiksu is a programmatic dsp advertising platform with access to premium inventory across audio, connected tv, desktop, and mobile environments.
Achieved 95%+ completion rate 200K impressions per month

Achieved a Lead to Call Ratio of 5%

Increase brand awareness


Convert CTV viewers to mobile app installs

Achieved 35% D7 and 15% D30 retention rates

Optimized the click-through rate to 6%

Achieved a D7 ROI of 24%


Easy Campaig Set Up

Reach your ideal customer via hypertargeting and the fully integrated LiveRamp, Adstra, Truoptic Data Providers.

Target your Audience

In-house creative team produces custom assets and/or optimize stock versions on the video demand side platform.
Get complete transparency on self serve ad placements via Pixalate fraud-free environment.

Launch Brand Safety&Fraud Protection Campaign

Access customers via open auction or PMPs across audio, CTV, desktop, and mobile placements to drive brand awareness and performance.

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Be certain you enjoy the best media buying experience. From reporting to machine-learning algorithms, we're striving to guarantee that your CTV ad placement workflow is exceptional. Take a look at the comparison of BindMind by Fiksu with the main competitors, TheTradeDesk and, to check out alternatives and what you receive on each platform.

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Is your technology self-serve or managed?
BidMind is a self-serve DSP that enables quick and easy access to the open marketplace. Fully automated workflow with customizable tools give you the ability to split test media and creatives, and optimize self-serve media buying. You will also be assigned an account manager to provide assitance when needed.
Do you have a platform dashboard?
BidMind offers a user friendly dashboard login, with access to granular performance reporting and traffic forecast reporting.
What self-serve programmatic buying model do you use?
All inventory is available on a CPM pricing model (cost per 1,000 impressions). You are also able to track any metric that is possbile to attribute via a 3rd party tracker, including installs, registrations, purchases, etc.
Pricing - is there a fixed monthly cost or do you take a fee on spend?
We charge a set 10% media fee across all models (managed, self-serve, white label). This is already baked in to the CPMs you see in the platform. There are no other fees.
Do you have minimum spends per month, per campaign, or per deposit?
There are no minimum spends per month or per campaign, however, we don't accept deposits of less than $100 to the platform.
Do you offer refunds on reminaing prepay balances, and is there a fee?
We will refund your remaining balance within 48 hours of request, less the Stripe admin fee of $1.00 + 3% of balance.
What type of inventory is available? What ad types do you accept?
You are able to buy Connected TV, Digital Audio, Mobile In-App and Web inventory on the BidMind platform. We accept Video, Intersitial, and Banner ad types.
What SSPs are you connected to?
We are always integrating new SSPs, but the ones we are currently connected to are Magnite, Beachfront, AdX, Mopub, Smaato, TheViewPoint, WideOrbit, LoopMe, Omax.
How do you monitor the quality of the traffic?
We are integrated with Pixalate to monitor quality and mitigate the risk exposure with accredited anti-fraud solutions across CTV/OTT, Display, In-App, and Video.
Which mobile attribution platforms are you integrated with?
We are currently integrated with Adjust, Appsflyer, and Kochava. We are able to integrate with others upon request.
What types of targeting do you offer?
BidMind enables you to target by exchanges, deal IDs, publishers, location, date and time, frequency, audiences, devices, and more.
Do you have GDPR Privacy Policy?
As a member of the Privacy Shield framework, Fiksu DSP ensures the ultimate level of protection for data transmitted to and from the European Union. User privacy has been always our topmost priority. GDPR enables us to formalize our devotion to privacy within a solid legal background.
Do you offer a White Label solution?
We do offer a white label version of our platform, it's similar to self-serve but branded as your own DSP (custom domain, logo, colouring). Learn more here.

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