Fiksu iOS Trackers

Track the iOS ecosystem with Fiksu! What you see below is data from millions of iPhones and iPads running Fiksu client apps. The data updates hourly, so the current stats are subject to change throughout the day. They're also interactive - you can select a range to zoom in, or turn each data series on and off by clicking on the names in the legend on the right.

For comparison, here are our Android trackers.

Data comes from apps using the Fiksu SDK that are reporting in-app events that include app launches, in-app purchases, and registrations. For the charts, data is sampled hourly in batches of approximately 10M events and filtered to count unique devices. Devices using operating systems older than iOS 5 are not counted, and represent a negligible amount of total traffic. While the data is worldwide, the majority of Fiksu's clients focus on user acquisition in the US and Europe, so the Asia Pacific region may be underrepresented.

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