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Measure the key metrics essential to your strategy and get the insights you need across your entire mobile marketing effort through Fiksu Analytics

Fiksu Analytics

Accurate tracking and analytics is critical to ensuring your overall marketing success. Based on your particular goals, you’ll want to be sure you’re measuring key metrics like brand engagements, app launches, registrations, purchases, video views, and more. You’ll also want to be able to easily measure these metrics across the various channels you’re advertising on.

The better you understand your users and the factors that drive interaction and monetization, the more you'll be able to effectively encourage long-term engagement throughout the customer journey.

Working with Fiksu, you’ll have access to our tracking and reporting capabilities, which will allow you to measure and unite results from all media sources, providing you with transparent, real-time performance metrics across all your campaigns--at no added cost to you. These metrics can range from high level summaries of performance by ad network to much more granular network-level analytics.

How our tracking technology works

  • Fiksu SDK

    A single lightweight SDK integrates your app with all major ad networks, RTB exchanges, and social media. Server to server integrations are also supported.

  • Data export and API access

    Data export and API access to data provides full interoperability with standard reporting and analysis software.

  • Dashboard

    Real time interactive dashboard provides trend visualization and extensive filtering on over 25 key performance indicators.​

Real-time reporting via Fiksu Analytics

Gain visibility into the full customer lifecycle, including acquisition, ongoing engagement, retention and more. From tracking impact on organic users, to viewing loyalty metrics and key KPIs, or identifying top segments, you’ll have full visibility to all the information you need in one convenient, easy-to-access place.

You can even use Fiksu Analytics to track campaigns not directly managed by Fiksu: email, QR code, or other types of external efforts. It's as simple as setting up the campaign in our dashboard and using the resulting URL in your external campaigns. Data will flow directly into the Fiksu dashboard alongside your managed spend.

If you'd prefer to view the data somewhere else, our data API can pipe your analytics directly into your preferred reporting system.

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