Fiksu Mobile Personas

Fiksu’s massive, proprietary dataset gives access to hundreds of audiences with shared attributes

Personas Examples

Fiksu Mobile Personas are based on real mobile behaviors: the types of apps a user has previously downloaded and engaged with, which is by far the strongest indicator of future behaviors. These personas provide holistic mobile targeting and battle-tested marketing performance. Some examples include:

  • Automated Syndication

    Always up to date

    All of these personas are refreshed daily, with new users added and removed as necessary in real-time, to ensure optimal performance.

  • Reach Audiences

    Wide Reach

    These personas can be used to dynamically reach audiences across leading programmatic mobile networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and RTB exchanges.

  • Lookalikes

    Broad Application

    Fiksu Mobile Personas can be used on their own or layered with other data sources, including both first and third-party data. They also perform well when used to create lookalike audiences.

  • Impressive Scale

    Impressive Scale

    Standard personas range in size from 1 million to 50 million consumers, with an average size of 23 million.

  • Custom personas


    In addition to our standard personas, we’re happy to create custom personas based on your particular needs.

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