Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Fiksu provides the data and technology to make your campaigns more effective

  • Build your audiences

    Use your customer data, Fiksu’s top Personas, and high-performance lookalike modeling to target exactly the right people

  • Target those audiences

    Port your audiences to leading marketing channels and buy media on your own terms

  • Reach audiences via RTB

    For real-time bidding campaigns, use Fiksu’s custom solutions to achieve outstanding performance across the leading programmatic exchanges

  • Mobile-first technology

    Top-notch ad technology

    Machine-learning algorithms optimize publisher device, OS, creative, etc and all in real time

  • Robust targeting

    Target those audiences

    Build audiences using all available data: purchase history, cross-device targeting, demographics, and more

  • Scale


    Over 45B impressions a day across banners, interstitials, videos, and native ads

Benefits of Fiksu DSP

  • High-performance lookalike audiences

    Proprietary lookalike modeling significantly improves results, and continually expands and updates audiences.

  • Mobile Personas

    Ready-built mobile personas let advertisers instantly tap into a focused groups of users like Urban Dwellers, Sports Fans, or Mobile Shoppers.

  • Geared toward any goal

    Use Fiksu DSP for user acquisition, brand awareness, hyperlocal, cross device retargeting, cross promotion, and app re-engagement.

  • Premium inventory

    Access top mobile exchanges,leading mobile publishers, and high-impact ad formats: 95% of impressions bought are video, interstitial, and native.

  • High-capacity technology

    Fiksu DSP evaluates up to 670K requests per second at peak times, with one of the lowest timeout rates in the industry.

  • Fraud protection

    Highly visible in-app traffic and use of Device ID targeting minimizes viewability fraud and bot traffic.

  • DMP Integration

    Improve performance by integrating with our data management platform to access Fiksu Mobile Personas, first party segments, and third party audiences.

  • COMING SOON: Self-serve DSP management

    All the benefits of Fiksu DSP through an easy-to-use interface that puts you in control.

Mobile ad formats

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Top mobile exchanges

Top mobile exchanges

Top mobile publishers

Top mobile publishers

DSP Case Study
Fiksu decreases cost per install by 83% with MoPub native ads

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"Fiksu is one of our largest, most efficient programmatic partners for in-app and performance marketing. With clickthrough rates at the top 10% of our demand partners, it’s clear that Fiksu’s bidding technology is driving industry leading performance for its clients."

— Janae McDonough, Director, Exchange, MoPub

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