Engage lapsed users, increase customer lifetime value and decrease user acquisition costs by retargeting potentially loyal audiences

  • Re-engagement


    Drive app users down the funnel to purchases and engagements

  • Cross Promotion


    Market new apps and products to your current user base

  • Cross-platform


    Promote your brand to app, wed and TV audiences

Reaching out to your existing user base can generate repeat exposure, increase engagement and sales, drive app user acquisition through cross-device promotion, and boost loyalty and long-term customer relationships. Fiksu DSP’s retargeting capabilities help clients retain valuable users and can reduce cost per purchaser by 40% or more.

One third cost per sale


Fiksu clients have seen revenue improvements over 100% at a cost per sale less than 1/3 that of new user acquisition.

Automated syndication and real-time refreshes

Retargeting segments are sent to ad exchanges automatically and refresh in real time, ensuring your target list is always up-to-date.

Automated syndication
Pixel targeting

Single-pixel cross-device targeting

Fiksu is the only company who can do this with one pixel.

Find consumers with the industry’s broadest reach

Only Fiksu DSP can retarget across real-time bidding exchanges, ad networks, Twitter, and Facebook - delivering an effective reach of over 60B ad impressions daily. Plus, our IP to Device ID matching provides 2.5x the traffic reach, finding your targets while they’re on the move.

Fiksu reach
Easy and efficient

Easy and efficient

Optimize ROI across new acquisition and retargeting efforts with integrated deep linking and a single consistent data store.

Managed Services

It’s not just about the technology: Fiksu DSP’s experienced mobile marketing professionals drive outstanding results towards your specific goals. Learn more.

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Put the Fiksu platform to work and achieve superior results

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