My Lawn App from Scotts Plants the Seeds of Success with Fiksu



  • Support re-launch of My Lawn app
  • Align mobile with corporate marketing goals
  • Track mobile KPIs in Adobe Analytics
  • Drive high volumes of installs in two critical spring months
  • Generate completed lawn care plans, not just app downloads


  • Keeping up with changing consumer behavior
  • Succeeding in a non-traditional market for mobile
  • Understanding impact of mobile spend
  • Applying existing audience data to the mobile advertising environment


  • Built a great app
  • Used a test-and-learn strategy to prioritize marketing channels
  • Identified best sources of high-value users
  • Emphasized video advertising on mobile


  • 60 percent over install goal
  • Almost double the original goal of lawn care plans completed
  • CPI average 60 percent under goal

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The story:

“How can we be where the customer wants us to be, whenever they want us?”

That was the question Scotts was trying to answer when they refreshed their app earlier this year. The app provides all kinds of
advice and guidance on how to grow a beautiful lawn, including when to buy lawn care products like fertilizer and weed control. It even includes a “Weed ID” feature and the option to connect directly to lawn care experts. With such a strong app, Scotts wanted to make sure they had an equally strong user base established before hitting their prime season during the summer.

Goals and results:

Using Fiksu, Scotts launched a mobile app advertising campaign that cast a wide net, including display, video, and native ads running across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, RTB, AdColony, and Adwords. The goal was to drive the bulk of installs through March and April, and have 50 percent of those users complete custom lawn care plans.

Thanks to Fiksu’s programmatic buying and ongoing optimization, Scotts beat their new user goal by 60 percent. More importantly, more than 60% of those users completed a personal lawn care plan. And, they did all that while beating their cost per install target by 60 percent.

The net result was 95 percent more high-value users—at a cost less than half of what they expected.

Measuring mobile in Adobe Analytics:


One of the essential pieces in measuring results of the My Lawn campaign was Fiksu’s integration with Adobe Analytics. Scotts uses Adobe’s Marketing Cloud to manage their digital marketing, so integrating their mobile marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) in a single dashboard was a real benefit.

Thanks to Fiksu’s API integration with Adobe Analytics, Scotts could track the true alignment of their mobile spend against downstream KPIs: sign-ups and other events further along the consumer journey. Understanding that alignment and the full impact of mobile provides valuable insight into results and possible future directions for overall marketing strategies.

What they learned:

First, establishing clear campaign goals early on created a strong alignment between Fiksu and Scotts. They were able to test a range of channels and tactics and quickly focus on those that worked the best. According to Patti Ziegler, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Scotts, “It was very valuable to have Fiksu as a partner, not just to run the media, but also to think strategically about direction and say ‘Let’s try this next.’ It’s a great feeling to have a partner that is so well aligned with our goals.”

Next, the campaign was run in three waves across the US, corresponding to the three main climate regions. Thanks to Fiksu’s optimization ability to find the best performing channels, audiences and targeting criteria, each successive campaign scaled up faster and beat the target CPI more quickly.

Finally, for a familiar brand like Scotts, video advertising worked very well on mobile. Video network AdColony was one of the top performers throughout the campaign, and video ads on RTB and Facebook also delivered excellent results.

What’s next?

Having completed their main user acquisition push for the season, Scotts is now shifting their focus to user retention. Knowing that real success in app marketing isn’t a “one and done” proposition, they’ve built tools into the app to encourage repeat engagement. The push notification feature is designed to let consumers know the next steps in growing a great lawn. Moving forward, Scotts is also interested in other ways to re-engage consumers, including reaching out to those who are “past due” to check in or take the next lawn care step. When they’re ready, Fiksu will be there to help navigate those waters.

“Thanks to a really solid team, Fiksu did a superb job on this campaign. It was great to know that we could count on them to be responsive and engaged throughout the course of the campaign.”

— Patti Ziegler, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Scotts

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