Casino App Developer Uses Fiksu DSP to Spot the Whales

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Casino apps rank among the most competitive and lucrative categories in mobile. In order to consistently make money, casino apps need a deep understanding of the finer details of their businesses and their users, which means obsessing over metrics like the cost to acquire each new user, their LTV, and the resulting return on ad spend or ROAS. The demand for precision measurement and tracking makes them some of the most sophisticated performance marketers in mobile.

One of the world’s largest casino app developers turned to Fiksu to drive more app downloads from high-quality mobile users with an affinity for casino apps. Since the developer had exhausted their in-house methods of targeting and acquiring new users, Fiksu needed to provide a increase in quality users through previously untapped methods.

Using Fiksu’s industry-best data and proprietary targeting tools (Personas and lookalikes), this multimillion dollar app developer was able to continually grow the campaign while meeting or beating their performance goals. Fiksu DSP outperformed their ambitious day 7 ROAS goal by 20%.

Fiksu Approach

Using a number of Fiksu DSP features, this developer successfully targeted and retained their desired audience. Here’s how:

  • Leveraged Fiksu Personas to smartly grow audience size. In this case, some of the Personas used were: Casino Players, Slots Users and Baby Boomers. Personas are ready-made audiences (built from Fiksu’s historical behavior data including 7.4B downloads, 28T marketing events) based off real mobile behaviors that marketers want to target (Millennials, Gamers, Travelers, Mobile shoppers, etc). Fiksu offers 250+ Personas.
  • Added previously untapped geographies that contained the desired audience to help scale the campaign. Fiksu offers access to more than 200 geographies.
  • Took advantage of Fiksu DSP’s exchange partners to purchase premium inventory — even at scale. Fiksu DSP has access to 60B+ daily impressions.
  • Fiksu DSP’s machine-learning algorithm continuously optimized spend, bidding up or down on available media to deliver maximum performance and efficiency.


  • Average day 7 ROAS of 18%
  • Maximum day 7 ROAS of 29%
  • Scaled media spend to $7K+ a day
  • Campaign expanded to run in 8 countries
  • Personas had a 21% higher ARPU than organics
  • Increased users still spending at 30+ day mark

Take Away

Despite playing in an extremely competitive market, Fiksu DSP enabled this casino app developer to expand their reach while maintaining a high standard of ROI and user quality. By taking advantage of Fiksu’s pre-built Personas, lookalike models, and automated campaign optimization, they hit their ambitious goals and increased app revenue.

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