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Looking for smartphone sellers, an e-commerce platform partnered with Fiksu to build innovative mobile targeting strategies using Fiksu’s vast data and reach. The result was an impressive click volume and a 13% return-to-site rate within 24 hours.


Smartphone sellers can be tough to track down on mobile when you’re the one looking to facilitate the process. Where do they hang out? What behaviors do they display?

In order to reach these folks from all angles, Fiksu’s team outlined easy targeting wins and brainstormed unconventional targeting methods. All were tested equally. The clear winners received more budget and the laggards were studied and rethought. Easy wins included geofencing smartphone-related locations, seamlessly collecting user data by adding a pixel to the platform’s homepage, and importing segments from the client’s DMP.

The most successful targeting strategies were powered by Fiksu’s proprietary, continually-refreshed audience data covering 90% of mobile users in the US. Using this tremendous scale, the team pinpointed folks with brand new and very old phones to serve unique creative. Then, the segments were broken up even further into those most likely to have an old phone to sell because they were ready for a contract upgrade, for example. The average Fiksu Custom Persona size was 33M for this campaign and the results were spectacular, especially when coupled with retargeting.


Average first-touch CTR:5.59%
Average retargeted CTR:30.32%
Return-to-site rate within 24 hours:13%

Audiences Targeted:

Standard Fiksu Mobile Personas

  • iOS New Devices
  • Android New Devices
  • Tech Savvy
  • Buyers & Sellers

Fiksu Partner Audiences

  • Purchase Intent: likely to buy an iPhone
  • Behavior: likely to have a prepaid plan

Fiksu Custom Personas*

  • Laggards: Phone owners close to the end of their 2 year contract, or devices with old operating systems
  • Early Adopters: Consumers quick to adopt new devices according to historical Fiksu data (see Fiksu Indexes).

*data refreshed daily based on the latest mobile behavior.


  • Apple Stores
  • Wirelress Stores

Client Data Upload

  • Website pixel
  • DMP integration

CTR By Audience

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