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Fiksu DSP helps ZiMAD capture great users for Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

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In today’s hypercompetitive app marketplace, building a hit app is enough of a challenge. Keeping an app profitable for more than five years requires incredible longevity—and smart marketing. ZiMAD’s Magic Jigsaw Puzzles has done it with some help from Fiksu DSP.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a cross-platform puzzle game enjoyed by millions of players around the world through Google Play, Amazon, Windows, Facebook and App Store. Published by ZiMAD, the app is monetized through in-app purchases of new puzzles, as well as in-app advertising. The two monetization strategies create a dual revenue path, letting them get value from users who buy new puzzles, as well as those who spend time but not money in the game.


Keeping a long-running app like Magic Jigsaw Puzzles iPad app profitable isn’t easy. ZiMAD has invested a lot of time and effort into making it work.

To start, ZiMAD tested campaigns across a wide range of channels, including: banner networks, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others. With so many different channels, compiling performance data was difficult and made one-to-one performance comparisons tricky.

Additionally, because of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles’ two-pronged monetization strategy, trying to track both the user LTV and retention rate as KPIs, while balancing both as a measure of effectiveness took a lot of time.

ZiMAD needed a partner capable of handling campaign level insights, direction, as well as heavy data analysis. Without an active, responsive account team ready to provide insights and make changes, ongoing success was elusive.


With an intense focus on using data to understand and improve performance, ZiMAD has been able to identify a few key traffic sources that work the way they want to. That includes some video-only networks, social channels, and Fiksu. Some keys to ongoing success with Fiksu DSP:

  • ZiMAD regularly update their creatives. ZiMAD generates great results by switching to holiday-themed creatives for Halloween, Christmas, and more.
  • ZiMAD provides all user event data, giving the Fiksu algorithms the best fuel for optimization.
  • ZiMAD takes advantage of Fiksu’s Personas, seeing strong performance from targeting Gen X Females, Hidden Objects Players, and Female Baby Boomers.
  • Fiksu’s account managers have a strong partnership with their counterparts at ZiMAD, leading to excellent communication and responsiveness, as the two teams collaborate to improve results.


App users acquired through Fiksu DSP outperform organic users and paid users from other sources on several key measures:

  • Fiksu DSP users complete the tutorial – a key engagement metric – at a rate 20 points higher than others, 71% to 51%
  • The percentage of users that make a purchase is 135% more than others, 4.9% to 2.1%
  • The returning user rate is almost 50% higher, 84% to 57%

The emphasis on creatives and targeting is making a difference, too:

  • In the last six months — fresh creative drove a 27% increase in impression-to-conversion rate and a 12% increase in CTR
  • Persona and lookalike targeting outperforms other spend by 15%


The biggest challenge now? Continuing to ramp up volume without sacrificing quality. Having seen the quality and LTV of the users Fiksu is acquiring, ZiMAD is eager to expand their program. All the pieces are falling into place for a long and successful partnership.

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