Capital XTRA Reaches a Loyal Audience With Fiksu Personas and FreeMyApps

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Global Radio, a British-based media company owning a large number of radio stations throughout the UK, sought to promote their Capital XTRA app, the mobile companion to their popular urban dance music station. Capital XTRA is a cutting-edge, youth-oriented radio station, so Global wanted to target 18- to 29-year-old users at the forefront of mainstream media. Fiksu helped them create and execute a strategy to do just that.


  • Grow the popularity of Capital XTRA on mobile by reaching out to a youthful, digitally engaged, “tastemaker” audience
  • Retain users, encouraging them to continually engage with Capital XTRA as their primary way to connect with the latest new music and emerging talent in urban dance
  • Evaluate results to understand the potential for further growth and the possibility of building a sustainable model for ongoing investment


  • Achieving visibility in the highly competitive music apps category
  • Identifying specific segments of the broader audience that convert best and should be targeted further
  • Determining which ad networks deliver high-value consumers most cost-effectively


  • Targeting focused on younger demographics engaging with various urban artists on social media, including using Fiksu Personas
  • Targeted ads were run on a mix of networks, including real-time bidding (RTB), display, social, video, and incentivized (including FreeMyApps) networks


After eight weeks, Fiksu’s campaign far exceeded Global’s initial goals, with installs almost doubling (94% higher) expectations and CPIs clocking in 31% lower than goal. And those users were listening again and again: of the users acquired through paid channels, 22.5% engaged multiple times with the Capital XTRA app. Factor in the organic users gained as a result of increased visibility from the paid campaign, and that number jumps to nearly 38%.

It also selected a partner with a unique combination of data, reach and optimization.

Two of Fiksu’s personas, Media Mavens and Millennials, proved successful in acquiring loyal users. Both personas effectively reached—and kept—the youthful, “tastemaker” audience Capital sought, with targeting Media Mavens resulting in a 65% rate of returning users and Millennials reaching 49%.

Also interesting was that incent, traditionally a higher volume but lower loyalty network, drove the lowest cost per loyal user, beating the next best performing network by over 56%. It’s important to note that this does not mean that incent networks drove the highest rate of returning users: in fact, only 20% of the users who downloaded Capital XTRA from FreeMyApps returned. But the initial acquisition costs were even lower, so the per-loyal-user cost came out ahead. As incent networks are generally frequented by younger audiences, it stands to reason that when an app such as Capital XTRA appeals to a younger base, incent networks can be excellent tools in driving cost-effective loyalty.

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