Packaging up a targeted shopper marketing strategy for mobile

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As a leading shopper marketing agency, Purchase Decision Network (PDN) was founded on the simple idea that advertising is good when it’s relevant to what you are buying, and useless, wasteful, and annoying when it isn’t. Working on behalf of a major packaged food provider, PDN was tasked with driving large scale product awareness by delivering the right ads to the right consumers via mobile programmatic advertising.

PDN approached Fiksu DSP to help serve ads to a list of prioritized mobile IDs that were identified as a fit for the client, as well as greatly expand this existing audience, all while serving ads within specific geographies. The campaign’s success was measured by Fiksu’s ability to deliver 3.6 million impressions in the chosen geographies.


  1. Reach as many pre-identified IDFAs/GAIDs as possible in family-friendly publishers.
  2. Expand the size of the client’s “ideal” audience in order to achieve CPM goals.
  3. Only display ads to consumers in certain geographies (performance goals were set on a city-by-city basis).


  1. Expand the size of the target audience and maintain audience quality, while being restricted to only serving ads in specific geographies.
  2. Intelligently advertise two different food products to two unique types of audiences.


  1. Serve client ads to several segments of known, but inactive ad IDs from PDN’s private network.
  2. Using Fiksu DSP data, construct new, high-performing lookalike audience from a segment of “ideal” users.
  3. Leverage ready-made Fiksu Personas that fit the client’s desired customer profile.



Delivered 17% more impressions than goal within targeted geographies


A 3X improvement in click rate on Fiksu DSP ads


Starting with a list of mobile IDs gave PDN a starting point for this campaign – but with the specific geographical limitations in place, expanding the target audience to a big enough size to make an impact was going to be tough.

Fiksu DSP was able to greatly expand the audience size using a series of data-intensive approaches, such as building audience lookalike models and expanding the audience with a number of user personas. By purchasing media across a number of RTB networks, Fiksu was able to deliver large numbers of impressions despite geographic limitations.

The algorithms find new publishers that work and increase spend there, decrease spend on those that don’t, and generally manage ups and downs at a level of detail greater than any manual process could ever hope to match.

The campaign’s success resulted in an ongoing media campaign targeting additional geographies.

“Fiksu DSP made audience expansion easy: which I imagined would be the primary obstacle of this campaign given the client restrictions on where we could serve ads.

Being able to target mobile IDs from our network off our network was critical. But it was Fiksu’s ability to create lookalike audiences and mobile personas that provided us with the scale we needed, while also keeping the quality of impressions overall high, which is important and core to our principles as an agency.”

-Sean Flynn, CEO, PDN Media


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