Age Is Only a Number: France’s Longest-Running and Largest Newspaper Le Figaro Turns to Fiksu to Guide Mobile Marketing Strategy

Le Figaro

“Fiksu has helped us better identify our key opportunities on mobile and the audience segments that we should target. Most importantly, Fiksu has brought us an international vision and knowledge of the mobile market.”

— Clement Letzelter, Mobile Marketing Manager, Le Figaro


As the longest-running and largest newspaper in France, Le Figaro has no problem with brand recognition. But as consumer habits have shifted, first to the desktop and now to mobile, the well-respected newspaper has followed suit, launching a mobile app to deliver the news to their customers whenever and wherever they need it.

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Le Figaro


Le Figaro’s main objective is to become the first media brand in France with a dominant presence on all channels: on paper, on the desktop, and now, on mobile.


Their primary challenges include driving existing print and digital customers to mobile, getting visibility for the app, and getting existing app users to convert from the free version to a premium subscription.

Solutions & Results:

Taking advantage of Fiksu’s technology and expertise, Le Figaro was able to reach #1 in the News category in the French App Store.

By testing a variety of sources, including Facebook, RTB, incentivized networks, and video networks, Le Figaro was able to track and analyze the data to get a better idea of just who their users are. In particular, Le Figaro learned that click-through rates are highest among the 50- to 65-year-old population, while conversion rates are highest within the 25- to 34- and 50- to 65-year- old populations. This invaluable information will be used to drive future strategies as they broaden their mobile marketing efforts.

“Working with Fiksu has given us a clearer vision of our mobile user acquisition strategy and what we need to improve on,” said Clement Letzelter, Mobile Marketing Manager at Le Figaro.

In particular, as Le Figaro looks to grow on mobile, they plan to incorporate retargeting into their strategy to increase the ROI of their campaigns. Their initial learnings have taught them that users who haven’t opened the app for seven days or more have a very high chance of not returning. Preventing that from happening by engaging users over the long term is key as they forge ahead on mobile. “We prefer to have one user who opens our app three times in a week, rather than three users that open the app once during the same time period,” said Letzelter.

Le Figaro and Fiksu plan to continue their relationship going forward, putting one of France’s most reputable media brands at the forefront of today’s newest and most dominant media channel.

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