Fiksu Helps Leading Telehealth App Amwell Adapt to Changing Goals, Drive 15x More Conversions at 80% Lower Costs

American Well


  • Free-to-download app created by American Well
  • Launched October 2013
  • Provides live video access to US board-certified doctors, nutritionists, and therapists 24/7/365 from a mobile device for $49 per visit
  • Target audience primarily includes: 30-40 year old young moms, 25-35 year old health-oriented men who find doctors’ visits inconvenient, and those over 65 years old with chronic care conditions
  • Named the most popular telehealth app of 2014 by App Annie
  • Highlighted in Apps for Health feature on iTunes since September 2014

“We are quickly maturing as a consumer brand-optimizing around all events within the funnel. We are at a point now where we’re focused on ROI-driven metrics.”

— Timothy Ming, Digital Marketing Manager, American Well

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  • Driving enrollments and organics through App Store rank
  • Growing a high-value user base through optimization centered on users paying for doctors’ visits


  • Changing goals: As a fast-growing company, Amwell is often adjusting its goals, thus its marketing strategies need to be flexible.
  • Scalability: Amwell is a niche app, which can make scaling its user base a challenge. Additionally, education is required with respect to telemedicine and the services Amwell offers, making it hard to grow at a pace faster than that education.
  • High acquisition costs: The fact that telemedicine is a relatively novel concept also impacts costs. While most in-app purchases are often less than $5, a doctor’s visit through Amwell costs $49. The higher price tag, combined with the additional education required, means higher costs to acquire paying users.
  • Medical industry limitations: Amwell’s ability to leverage customer data is restricted due to protected health information and HIPAA compliance rules.

Solutions & Results:

In partnering with Fiksu, Amwell built on Fiksu’s deep mobile expertise and technology to tackle its unique challenges. Within the first few months, American Well achieved:

  • 15x more registrations per week
  • 80% lower cost per registration
  • #1 rank in Medical category

“If it wasn’t for our Fiksu team, our mobile performance wouldn’t be where it is today.”

— Timothy Ming, Digital Marketing Manager, American Well

It also selected a partner with a unique combination of data, reach and optimization.

  • Fiksu’s actionable data was key to helping Amwell identify specific audiences to target, most notably via Facebook. By creating Custom Audiences from data accumulated through Facebook, Fiksu was able to develop lookalike audiences similar to existing Amwell users. As a result of this strategy, Facebook became one of the top performing sources for Amwell, with 3x higher conversion rates than other channels and 3.5x more active users from Facebook.
  • Fiksu was also able to achieve success for Amwell on a variety of other channels by leveraging its programmatic reach. In addition to Facebook, Amwell was able to effectively build its user base via Twitter, RTB, and video networks.
  • Amwell’s broader success, however, was due in large part to Fiksu’s complete, optimized system. Amwell has seen marked improvements over time on its social media campaigns—namely Facebook, and most recently, Twitter. In fact, Fiksu was able to optimize Twitter CPIs down 78% to a cost in line with Facebook. In addition, as Amwell has focused on growing its highvalue user base by optimizing on paying visits, they’ve seen a 64% decrease in cost per unique paying visit.

Additional results through retargeting
As Amwell’s strategy has evolved over time, retargeting has been key to driving users further down the funnel. These retargeting strategies have been aimed at users who opened the app within the last 30 days, or between one and three months ago. The results: retargeting campaigns on both Facebook and RTB have had 10x lower cost per visit compared to new user acquisition.

Amwell has learned that Fiksu’s unique combination of data, reach, and optimization, in the hands of expert personnel, are the keys to helping them become a leader in the telehealth industry.

“We rely on Fiksu in many ways—not just their client management team, but their analytics team, product team, and new markets team as well.”

— Timothy Ming, Digital Marketing Manager, American Well

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To learn more about Amwell’s success on Facebook in particular, check out Facebook’s own case study highlighting their impressive results.

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