ASICS Picks up the Pace of UA with Fiksu

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ASICS wanted to build the user base for their MY ASICS app, but faced a challenge in reaching the right users. Fiksu put together a campaign that emphasized social channels but incorporated RTB and other display channels as well, using a mix of Fiksu Personas for targeting.



  • Massively expand the userbase with users who register in-app
  • Avoid a single point of failure by distributing mobile spend across multiple channels
  • Keep CPIs below a target threshold


  • Shifting from web-based to mobile-based advertising
  • Target audiences that are not always good at self-identifying
  • Meeting performance goals while getting those right users


  • Target audiences using Fiksu Personas
  • Connect with runners through a balanced mix of formats and channels
  • Include Fiksu SDK in My ASICS app to collect data on current users
  • Target Fiksu lookalikes using constantly-updated SDK data


  • Captured huge numbers of quality users
  • Audience targeting raised registration rates 130% over the course of the campaign
  • CPIs stayed below targets and below industry benchmarks
  • Fiksu lookalike audiences were a top performer

CAMPAIGN NOTE: Millennial persona: 15% CPI improvement

While outside their traditional sweet spot, Millennials represent an excellent opportunity for ASICS to build long-lasting relationships.

“One of the things that matters the most to us is transparency in reporting…With Fiksu, if we’re curious about anything, we can get exactly the information we need, either through the dashboard or through our account manager.”

– David McNeill, My Asics Growth Lead

Download Case Study

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