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Fiksu DMP lets marketers build and connect with target audiences on mobile through an unmatched combination of mobile-first data, advanced audience building, and extensive media reach.

Actionable Data

Actionable data

Success in mobile marketing is dependent on data—and in mobile, not all data is created equal. To accurately reach the largest and most responsive audiences, advertisers need a DMP that focuses on behavioral data tied to mobile IDs.

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Whether your goal for mobile is to get in front of the right eyeballs, acquire cost-effective loyal users, or drive specific actions, ID-based data makes it all possible. When we combine our data with customers' own data or data from external partners, the result is a powerful and incredibly valuable dataset for building audiences and mobile targeting.

Actionable Data

Over 4.1B mobile device profiles

That’s about 60% of all mobile devices ever shipped. The profiles are built on behavioral data from thousands of Fiksu mobile marketing campaigns.

Trillions of marketing events

Our data centers around a robust and constantly-growing collection of more than 33 trillion marketing events, including pre-download events like ad impressions and clicks, as well as post-click events like app launches, purchases, and registrations.

Client data segmentation

The ability to group, or segment, users based on similar characteristics drawn from the advertisers’ existing data, such as CRM data on purchase or interaction histories, web site data, and more. With our unique segmentation tools, this can be done seamlessly and automatically and syndicated across multiple channels.

Seamlessly integrate audiences built in Adobe Marketing Cloud

Reliable API integration makes syndicating segments created with Adobe Audience Manager easy.

External data partner integration

Additional integrations with leading third-party data providers offer additional granularity and targeting options. This optional layer of data is used to further refine mobile audiences or add more demographic characteristics.

Fiksu SDK

Lightweight, easy to implement code that seamlessly integrates tracking and data collection. This one snippet of code allows advertisers to reach the key programmatic ad channels.

Audience creation and management

Audience creation and management

Fiksu's tools let marketers easily manage vast amounts data from multiple sources to create extremely effective target audiences for mobile campaigns.

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Having enormous amounts of data doesn't automatically translate into success: working with that data and turning it into practical marketing audiences takes significant technology and expertise.

Fiksu Audience Manager

Simple, lightweight interface

The DMP interface is easy to learn and can quickly get you started incorporating your data and building custom audiences.

Fiksu Personas

Mobile user personas like Urban Dwellers, Travelers, Investors, Gamers, and many more provide instant access to desirable audiences. These personas let marketers get started quickly with pre-built audiences of tens of millions of targetable users.

Fiksu lookalike modeling

By taking in client data, layering in our own mobile IDs and profile data, and analyzing the resulting audience for commonalities, we can build lookalike audiences that can be broadly syndicated to significantly increase your target audience size.

Cross-channel targeting

Using a simple web pixel, Fiksu can build audiences based on your web users to drive mobile adoption.

Extensive reach

Extensive reach

Fiksu lets you reach your target audiences wherever they are, across leading programmatic channels and our own high-performance DSP. Whether you use our self-service tools to syndicate our audiences to your chosen media channels and manage the media buying yourself, or put our mobile media buying experience to work for you, audience-centric marketing will improve the scale and efficiency of your campaigns.

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Fiksu Reach

Continuous syndication

Through robust API integrations with leading programmatic media channels, the Fiksu platform automatically updates your target audiences every day based on the rules you define.

RTB media buying

The Fiksu DSP spans multiple RTB exchanges through a single point of entry, evaluating hundreds of thousands of ad placements per second to make the most efficient bidding decisions.

Cost savings through ad suppression

Audiences of existing users can be suppressed across all channels, reducing media costs—and are continually updated as your campaigns run.

“Using Fiksu's DMP, we scaled from $100/day in mobile media spend to $50,000/day in just six months. Fiksu is the kind of company that can help you do that without losing track of your performance goals.”

— Suman Som, Director of User Acquisition, Rocket Games

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