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Fiksu Index: Mobile Ad Costs Climb Due to iPhone 7 and Holiday Spending

The latest index from mobile marketing firm Fiksu DSP shows that mobile ad costs are on the rise. “(That’s) a result potentially due to iPhone 7 adoption as well as early holiday ad spend,” the Fiksu crew tells us. “The data also shows that as advertisers see sustained returns and recognize the opportunity to find high quality users on the maturing Android platform, the marketplace is becoming flooded with competition, especially as the holiday season approaches.” Fiksu’s indexes — an industry favorite for keeping tabs on mobile — track year-over-year and monthly metrics, measuring cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per purchaser (CPP) across mobile RTB advertising. Read Full Article

iOS 10 hits two-thirds of devices

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 10, has seen faster adoption than any other OS version, according to data released by mobile marketing firm Fiksu. Currently, iOS 10 is installed on 66.7 percent of active devices, roughly a month after its launch. That means the majority of iOS device users are now running the latest OS – which is something of a surprise, given that early adoption was slower than usual. Read Full Article

iOS 10 now installed on two thirds of devices, faster adoption than any previous iOS update

iOS 10 is now installed on more than two thirds of the active iOS device install base, recording 66.7% twenty-seven days after iOS 10 was released according to Fiksu DSP. Mixpanel is also recording iOS 10 adoption topping 66% since Sunday. Read Full Article

Android is catching up to iOS — in ad prices

Android is finally starting to bring in the big bucks for Google with its ad sales -- but still not as much as iOS does. According to new indexes from Fiksu DSP, a mobile marketing company, ad costs on Android devices have more than doubled since 2015, steadily growing year over year. Marketers have become more willing to pay per user as Android's platform becomes more popular. Read Full Article

How Apple’s new privacy settings in iOS 10 will impact mobile advertising

The new iOS update's ability to significantly limit ad tracking on mobile won't block ads, but it will remove the ability for advertisers to target ads based on data like location or user behavior. The current exceptions to the IDFA are "critical," according to Fiksu, "since most mobile advertisers are paid based upon this type of ad-level attribution." Read Full Article

The App Store will have more than 5 million apps by 2020 — which could be a major problem for small developers

There will be more than 5 million apps housed in the iOS App Store by 2020, according to Sensor Tower forecasts. That’s up 73% from initial projections of 2.93 million apps at the end of 2016, pushing app growth to an annualized 14.6% over the next four years. Read Full Article

Apple’s iOS 10 will give users more privacy — but it could affect the advertising industry

Last week, Apple unveiled a new update to its Limit Ad Tracking on the next version of iOS 10, which will give users much greater control over their Identifier for Advertising (IDFA). Right now, Limit Ad Tracking alerts mobile developers and advertisers that users do not want ads targeted based on their behavior, but it sends the alert with their IDFA attached. With the iOS 10 update, users who have turned on Limit Ad Tracking will effectively become anonymous to advertisers, according to Fiksu. Read Full Article

Fiksu Is Carving Itself Up Into Four Separate Companies So People Can Figure Out What The Heck They Do

It’s been a bumpy road for Fiksu – from app marketplace rock star to ad tech cautionary tale – but now comes the next chapter. On Monday, the mobile app marketing platform, which wasacquired by private equity firm Noosphere in early June likely as part of a fire sale, announced that it’s splitting itself into four separate companies: Fiksu DSP, Fiksu Media Group, Fiksu Networks and incentivized app discovery firm FreeMyApps. Read Full Article

Fiksu, a marketing tech startup, gets acquired

Fiksu Inc., a Boston-based startup that helped creators of mobile apps persuade consumers to download them, has been bought after running into stiff competition from much bigger tech companies.

Terms of the acquisition by ClickDealer, a marketing agency based in Menlo Park, Calif., were not disclosed.

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Fiksu: Cost to Acquire Loyal iOS Users Fell in March

Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu, commented: As the app market has evolved, so has our analysis and measurement of what is influencing it. Today, marketers need to be segmenting their users more precisely and analyzing their results to reflect that user segmentation, as well.

Mobile marketing technology company Fiksu released its indexes for March 2016, which revealed that the cost to acquire a loyal user on iOS decreased 8 percent from February, to $3.21, up 4 percent year-over-year.

In addition, Fiksu’s App Store Competitive Index—which tracks the average number of daily downloads for the top 200 free iOS applications in the U.S.—fell 7 percent in March to 7.6 million daily downloads. This marks an 11 percent decrease year-over-year.

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