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Can Apple Reverse the iPad Sales Free-Fall?

Less than four years ago, it seemed plausible that Apple's iPad product line was on track to dominate the tablet market and upend the global PC market. Today, that idea looks laughable. iPad sales have been in free-fall for years. Potential catalysts like the launch of the business-friendly iPad Pro lineup, the availability of cheaper iPads, and the aging of the iPad installed base have all failed to reinvigorate sales. Read Full Article.

Overcoming the app marketing sticking point

Driving installs is undoubtedly an important metric for any company to track. However success goes beyond just the download. In fact, more than two-thirds of users delete an app within one week of downloading it. Because of this, app developers are tasked with keeping users loyal and engaged over the long-term, which is not guaranteed by the single action of an install. Read Full Article.

Super Bowl 51: The Mobile Advertising Opportunity

Reaching Super Bowl audiences on mobile can result in a 77 per cent reduction in cost per view versus prime time ads. From posting on social media, heckling friends, or reading up on instant analysis and reviews, we can expect almost all viewers to spend some time on at least one mobile screen during the game. Read Full Article.

User acquisition costs drop in December — a pleasant surprise for iOS and Android publishers

The December index published today confirmed the trend, which gave marketers a rare respite in the ever-increasing cost of getting users to try out new apps. The CPM (cost per 1,000 users) is at $3.06 on Android, down from a peak above $4 in October. On iOS, the CPM was $4.15, down from a peak near $7 in October. Fiksu DSP said the trends showed how marketers poured a lot of money into the launch of the iPhone 7 in October. Read Full Article.

Apple to Jack Up App Prices in UK

Apple on Tuesday alerted its development community that it will be raising prices on apps sold through its App Store in the United Kingdom. Several factors influence App Store price tiers internationally, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business, Apple said, noting that the factors vary by region and over time. Read Full Article.

How Mobile Games Aim to Keep You Coming Back

When making “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,” Electronic Arts Inc. knew it wasn’t enough to have a mobile videogame that featured some of the most popular movie characters of all time. To succeed, it had to get players to open the app every day. Read Full Article.

Apple Enjoys Most Successful App Store Day Ever

Apple enjoyed New Year’s Day a lot more than most people, as it recorded the App Store’s best day ever. An eye-watering $240m (£195m) was spent across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac, on the first day of 2017, on games, apps and iMessage sticker packs. Across 2016, developers earned over $20bn – up 40 per cent from 2015 – bringing the overall amount earned since the App Store’s 2008 launch to over $60bn. 2017 already looks set to surpass any previous figures. Read Full Article.

CPMs on iOS and Android dropped below $6 in November 2016

CPMs across both iOS and Android fell in November 2016 while CPPs increased slightly on both platforms, according to Fiksu. The analytics firm found that iOS CPMs had dropped to $5.99, down 11% month-on-month. Android CPMs dropped to $3.59, down 14%. Read Full Article.

Fiksu Serves Up Mobile Ad Buying Update

New indexes from Fiksu, a respected data-fueled mobile marketing technology company, revealed some interesting trends in November. To begin with, the RTB market appears to be responding to key factors in the mobile industry including holiday spend, iPhone adoption, and Android maturity. Notably, media costs went down across both platforms despite expectations of holiday increases. Read Full Article.

8 Surprising and Noteworthy Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

The last several days provided an array of digital marketing data points, with figures aplenty about consumers' search habits, mobile habits, social platforms, bad ads, chat bots and more. The following eight stats particularly got our attention. 4. Irrelevance sucks, AGAIN Speaking of bad ads, Fiksu DSP released a study on Thursday, most notably reporting that 77 percent of consumers are likely to delete an app if they repeatedly receive an irrelevant ad. It's the second week in a row we've highlighted such a stat about brands' lack of relevance. Read Full Article

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