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Fiksu: iOS marketing costs fell 7% in May but Android rose 28%

iOS marketing costs fell 7 percent from the previous month in May, but May marketing costs rose 28 percent on Android as the platforms continue to diverge when it comes to user-acquisition campaign costs, according to mobile marketing firm Fiksu DSP. Read Full Article.

Apple’s New App Store May Gift Indie Developers 20M App Installs Almost Overnight

Data I study at TUNE (full disclosure: I help TUNE study and learn from the mobile ecosystem) suggests that when people check an app listing on the current App Store, 30-40% of them end up installing that app. That number varies by category; in Navigation it can go as high as 70%. Applying similar metrics to the new App Store reveals the huge opportunity. Read Full Article.

Fiksu DSP Adds Self-Serve Functionality to its Demand Side Platform

Fiksu DSP, a “data-fueled” mobile marketing technology company, has just launched a self-serve product to its demand side platform. The offering, we’re told, will enable customers to reach new audiences and more effectively engage existing ones on mobile. Read Full Article.

Will New iPad Pros Get Apple’s iPad Sales Back on Track?

Five years ago, the iPad was one of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) biggest growth drivers. But for the past few years, iPad sales have declined steadily, offsetting growth elsewhere within the company. Since March, Apple has thoroughly revamped its iPad lineup. Last week, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple updated the 12.9" iPad Pro and introduced a brand-new 10.5" version of the iPad Pro. These new devices may help Apple stabilize its iPad sales -- but a return to growth will depend on the success of Apple's cheaper iPads. Read Full Article.

Marketers Flock To iOS

Brands are spending more on iOS, while performance marketers are becoming more efficient with their spending on Android, new research from Fiksu suggests. “Brands are flocking to iOS under the assumption that their target demographics are more likely Apple users,” Tom Cummings, VP of new market development at the mobile marketing firm, notes in a new report. Read Full Article.

Diversifying Ad Spend: Why Mobile Marketers Need Both David and Goliath

Mobile advertising is dominated by two giants, Facebook and Google. In fact, 85% of mobile advertising spend goes to those two channels, and they both now identify mobile as a primary area of importance for future growth. Facebook's mobile revenue is projected to grow by more than 50% year over year, with Google's growing at a healthy 20%. How did Facebook and Google come to dominate the top of the mobile ad food chain? For starters, each boasts a network of more than a billion daily users. This enables both companies to offer high-quality targeting at a massive scale that most other channels can't replicate. Read Full Article.

Android app user acquisition costs dipped 43% in February

On a year-over-year basis, cost per purchaser fell 5 percent on iOS and 34 percent on Android. CPM was down 9 percent from a year ago on iOS and increased 4 percent on Android. “Analysis of the real-time bidding market in February shows a clear distinction between iOS and Android. Android is still the platform with more volatility compared to the more mature iOS marketplace,” said Tom Cummings, vice president of new market development at Fiksu DSP, in a statement. Read Full Article.

Fiksu Visual: Why Do Mobile Users Block Ads?

Our friends at Fiksu DSP have developed a new infographic with data from its latest consumer report. Alarmingly, the visual shows that users aren’t getting relevant ads, and its causing them to delete apps out of frustration. All told, it’s an all-too-common phenomenon that’s putting scores of mobile innovators in peril. Read Full Article.

New iPad models being tested around Cupertino, logs show

Several new iPad models have been spotted being tested in Cupertino and nearby locations, according to mobile marketing firm Fiksu – potentially confirming earlier rumors of a planned iPad refresh arriving this spring. According to reports, a leaked investor note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that Apple is expected to update its 12.9-inch iPad Pro model, as well as introduce a new 10-inch or 10.5-inch model with a narrower bezel along with a budget-friendly 9.7-inch option. Read Full Article.
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Is It Getting Cheaper To Drive App Installs?

Is it getting cheaper to drive app installs across iOS and Android devices? Yes -- at least according to fresh findings from Fiksu DSP. Last October, the CPM on iOS was $6.74, while CPM on Android sat at $4.16, according to the mobile marketing firm. By January, CPM on iOS had fallen to $4.03, while the Android CPM had dropped to $2.49. Read Full Article.