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You Can’t Spell Apple Watch Without App

Apple Watch

If you haven’t been convinced you need an app by now, maybe last week’s announcement of theApple Watch will finally do it. If Adobe is right in its estimate that 10% of iPhone and iPad users will have an Apple Watch in the next 18 months, then that’s 25 million people who will only be able to engage with your brand through their smartwatch if you have an app.

With a screen that measures just 38 or 42 millimeters, and no keyboard, native apps will fuel engagement. Apple is calling the watch their “most personal device yet,” and with it being so easy to access right from your wrist, engagement with this device could be incredibly high. The key thing to remember though is that since apps for the watch are tied to apps for the phone, if you don’t have an iPhone app, you won’t have any way of staking your claim on these new, potentially highly engaging devices.

Until now, users may have connected with your brand via mobile web, rather than through an app. But they won’t have that option when it comes to the watch, and we’re sure you don’t want to get left out. Big brands including Target, Starwood Hotels, American Airlines, Nike, MLB, CNN, ESPN, and the NY Times have already recognized this and will have apps available for the watch when it launches later this month.

Ultimately, there are still many things that remain to be seen with regards to the Apple Watch, including how, if at all, marketers will be able to advertise on it. But as consumer habits increasingly shift to mobile, this is likely an opportunity to don’t want to miss out on.