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Video: Fiksu Expands Boston Headquarters

Micah Cutting Ribbon

A new year, a new milestone for Fiksu.

Thanks to our rapid growth, we’ve been busting out of the seams of our Boston headquarters for some time now. So on January 5th, we expanded our offices by opening a new floor at 31 St. James Avenue, nearly doubling our space to 43K total sq. ft.

“It’s great to move in to this space and really see this space as a symbol of growth and a celebration of that growth,” said Fiksu CEO Micah Adler. “It’s interesting to look back on all the previous moves and expansions we’ve had, and see how each one of them have been representative of a specific transition within the company.”

“I’m very confident that when we look back on this transition it’s when we went from being one of the key players in the mobile advertising space, to being one of the key players in the advertising space in general,” he said.

The expanded space will come in handy this year as we plan to hire 120 more employees in Boston, bringing our count at this office alone to more than 300.

“The question really is how long does this space serve us in Boston before we need to start looking around for more space as well,” said Adler. “Of course we have ten other offices around the world at this point and we’re continuing to grow those as well. So it’s not just about the space in Boston anymore.”

Watch the video:

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