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Two new iPhones spotted in Fiksu data

Fiksu Data

Rumors about the Fall introduction of new iPhones and iPads are heating up, with indications pointing to a September 9th announcement of the new devices. As a result, we did a little digging in our data to see if we could spot any new Apple hardware—and we did indeed.

In July, we saw two new iPhones in our logs:

 iphone8,1 87
 iphone8,2 67

It’s important to note that these identifiers don’t match exactly what the new phones will be called: currently, the iPhone 6’s identifier is “iphone7,2” and the iPhone 6 Plus is “iphone7,1”. If the general assumption that the new phones will be named “6s” is true, then we’re likely seeing the 6s and a 6s Plus models being tested.

This data does seem to run counter to the suggestion that Apple will also unveil a 6c, however, as we’re not seeing a third device being tested.

The apps we’re seeing these devices using span a range of popular apps, including travel, games, and lifestyle apps. The overwhelming majority of the usage is coming from the US, with a couple of hits from Germany and Brazil.

Is this definitive evidence of Apple’s release plans for the fall? Certainly not. But it does shed some light on what’s being tested right now.