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There’s a Sea Change in Ad Tech

Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions is the only truly global meeting place for professionals working in creative communications, from creatives and marketers to technologists and media specialists. Cannes Lions is where 12,000 people from 94 countries come together to be inspired by seven unmissable days of learning, networking and celebration.

–Cannes Lions Official Website

I just returned from the South of France, and Cannes truly was a remarkable experience! It was the perfect setting for an event, providing a professional yet relaxing atmosphere to discuss business and get things done. Few, if any, other events in this industry provide such a high concentration of interesting, relevant people looking to share experiences and find ways to work together to grow their businesses.

My biggest takeaway from the event was this: there’s a sea change in ad tech occurring right now and it’s exciting. Cannes has long been dominated by television networks and 30/60 second ad units. It used to be that ABC and CBS occupied the events’ premier venues. Not anymore! CBS and the rest of the networks retreated inland and Google owned the coast. Meanwhile, television creative has been replaced by digital, and nearly every agency head we spoke with concurred that 2014 was the transformative year where ad tech solidified its claim on Cannes. The biggest events were dominated by names familiar to our space like Twitter, Google and Facebook.

But of course, there’s more! Repeatedly when talking ad tech, the topic quickly turned to mobile. The world is no longer kidding itself: digital is mobile. In fact, in chatting with one top agency exec, I posed the question: 5 years from now what will be written about who owns mobile? The answer we quickly agreed is the one that figures out how to amass and beneficially use mobile data.

Good thing data is one of our strongest assets!