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Holiday Webinar Recap

We recently presented our annual “How to Plan Your Holiday Ad Budget” webinar. A perennial favorite, this year’s presentation was different than years past in that it wasn’t just about highlighting our best tips and practices – but included a new month-by-month strategy for maximizing marketers’ mobile ad budgets. We built this strategy on five consecutive years of holiday data. While some of our tips changed (Remember the App Store freeze of 2013?) we mainly see the same buying behaviors each year. Since this year is likely to follow the same pattern, we designed our plan to take advantage of…..

App downloads soar in October, while loyalty costs stay grounded

App downloads were flying high this October, rising 23 percent since last month and reaching 7.9 million total downloads. With the late September release of the latest iPhone—the 6S—consumers got straight to work during October, installing apps on their new devices. In the meantime, the cost to acquire a loyal user fell slightly. This leveling of CPLU happened as a result of app loyalty: as many iPhone 6S users added ‘vital apps’ to their new devices—apps they already have a tendency to keep and use—this drew the overall cost to acquire users in October down. Higher media costs this October…..

France’s largest newspaper Le Figaro benefits from Fiksu’s mobile expertise

Le Figaro, the longest-running and largest newspaper in France, has, like many others, had to adapt with the times. Most recently, the company has made the move into mobile, launching an app to deliver the news to their customers whenever and wherever they need it. Wanting to become the fist media brand in France with a dominant presence on all channels (paper, desktop, and mobile), the company turned to Fiksu for our mobile expertise. The results: Le Figaro was able to reach #1 in the News category in the French App Store and gain valuable insights about their users. Find…..

Fiksu’s Data, Reach, and Optimization Help Amwell Succeed

Amwell, a free-to-download app created by American Well and launched in October 2013, gives Americans live video access to US board-certified doctors, therapists, and nutritionists 24/7/365 from a mobile device — for just $49 per visit. By partnering with Fiksu and leveraging our unique combination of data, reach, and optimization, Amwell was able to achieve its goals of driving enrollments and growing its high-value user base. Find out more about how they were able to reach #1 in the Medical category and achieve 15x more registrations per week at 80% lower cost per registration in our complete case study. “If…..

New ebook: Retargeting – Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy is Incomplete Without It

A recent study by Adroll revealed nearly three-quarters of marketers spend between 10 to 50 percent of their budgets on retargeting. And we expect that number to grow throughout 2015, especially on mobile. As our new ebook describes, retargeting – which allows marketers to reach users who have previously visited their mobile app or mobile website – is a great way to maximize ROI by adding impressive incremental gains to revenue, purchasers, registrations, and more. In fact, for one mobile game company working with Fiksu, every $1 invested in retargeting resulted in an incremental $4 in sales. Download the full…..

FutureM Follow Up: Don’t Discount the App Store In Your User Acquisition Strategy

Last week, marketers across the country descended upon Boston for FutureM, which this year was combined with Hubspot’s Inbound for a massive marketing event. Mobile, of course, was a hot topic throughout the three-day conference. One of the week’s mobile-focused sessions, Appification of the Web, featured Trip Advisor’s SVP of Global Product Adam Medros and Sittercity’s VP of Product Rishi Dean. As the discussion on the panel shifted to mobile user acquisition, the general sentiment was that the app store, and particularly, the organics gained from app store visibility weren’t a good source of user acquisition. We’d beg to differ……

Fiksu Interviews: Achieving Success in App User Acquisition

It’s no surprise that a recent Millward Brown study revealed that American’s daily time spent on mobile devices now outpaces TV. With that in mind, MITX’s recent Mobile Summit highlighted “the change from mobile as a device to mobile as a behavior.” With more than a million apps in the app store, mobile users have no shortage of choices. Likewise, with time spent on mobile devices continuing to increase, brands have no shortage of people to target. Volume is evident, but value is little trickier. Which begs the question: what does success for user acquisition look like for any given…..

Fiksu Shares Success of Plain Vanilla Games Partnership to Fuel Massive Viral Spread for QuizUp

This week, Fiksu shared the success story of our partnership with Plain Vanilla Games on their incredibly popular trivia game, QuizUp – named “the fastest growing iPhone game in history.” Since initial launch in November, QuizUp users have been challenging friends or strangers to quick seven-question rounds of trivia questions. Players can challenge friends through social sharing tools or through manual invitations. Fiksu helped QuizUp kick-start this built-in virality and provide the promotional boost needed to succeed in the App Store. To learn more about the strategy that Fiksu and Plain Vanilla implemented to propel QuizUp to the top spot…..

App Marketing Bargains in Store for February

Back in September, when we talked about the upcoming holiday season, we reminded app marketers to spread their budget throughout November and into February. Over the years, ourcost per loyal user index has shown that costs stay high from November into January, rather than showing a strong differentiation between December and surrounding months as might be expected. This year’s December numbers bear that out, as cost per loyal user stayed relatively steady even as download volume shot up. In 2011, January was a bargain period – but marketers caught on to the fact that January brings loads of impressions and…..

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