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Don’t panic! Facebook app marketing changes don’t have to leave you in the dark

About a month ago, Facebook announced they will no longer allow advertisers access to device-level reporting. Specifically, advertisers won’t be able to get access to the device IDs of users found through Facebook ads. While this is a big change for advertisers using those IDs directly, there’s an important distinction that some commentary seems to be missing. Mobile Measurement Partners—like Fiksu and many others—will still be able to use device IDs for measuring LTV and reporting aggregate data on Facebook campaign performance. That means clients will continue to receive the same mobile ad attribution, complete event tracking, LTV measurement, and…..

The Apple Watch is here – so is Fiksu’s new Watch tracking capability

The much-anticipated Apple Watch is finally here, as early pre-orders have begun to arrive. Already,3000 apps are available on the device, and 20 million units are predicted to be sold this year. The buzz is clearly at a peak for consumers, as well as marketers, who are eager to find out how they can capitalize on this newest mobile device. Here at Fiksu, we’re pleased to announce Apple Watch tracking capabilities that will allow marketers to recognize and track user behavior on the Apple Watch, including launches, registrations, purchases, or any watch event they’re interested in keeping track of. Because…..

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