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Easing concerns over programmatic buying

The fact that programmatic buying is growing like crazy is not news. And neither is the notion that some marketers are leery of giving up control over their media buying to a computer. But I’m here to try and ease those concerns, specifically around the most popular type of programmatic buying: RTB. Placement transparency According to a recent report from Digiday, the number one reason preventing marketers from moving more of their spend from direct to programmatic is “unsatisfactory placement transparency.” While there are some cases where RTB offers less visibility into ad placements than direct buys, the difference is…..

Infographic: Programmatic RTB – Mobile Audiences On Par With TV

Consumer media habits are shifting, and they’re shifting toward mobile and away from television. In fact, for the first time ever, Americans spent more time on their mobile devices than watching TV. Yet, for more traditional marketers, in many cases TV still remains the dominant advertising medium. And while mobile budgets have grown over the last several years, they’re still not on par with the amount of time spent on mobile. But they should be. Advertisers can reach the same size audiences at dramatically lower costs when comparing mobile to television. In particular, when looking at programmatic real-time bidding on…..