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Up all night to get Lucky: Fiksu and AGS crack the challenging social casino app market

You think marketing your app is hard? Try finding a profitable source of users for a social casino app. In contrast to real-money gambling apps, social casino apps let players try their luck at slots, video poker, bingo, and other games of chance – without wagering real money. These are apps are extremely popular, claiming 7 of the top 25 grossing slots in the app store right now. They’re also big business, with a market estimated at $4.4B in 2017. The trick is that the revenue is extremely concentrated in a small number of players: the VIPs, a tiny percentage…..

Fiksu Helps Topps Realize Impressive ROI & Gain Valuable Insights

Featured by Apple as a “Best New App,” BUNT is the exclusive digital trading card app of Major League Baseball. Looking to reach out to the millions of tech-savvy baseball fans across the world, Topps, the makers of BUNT, turned to Fiksu to acquire users and maximize ROI. With Fiksu’s help, Topps was able to capitalize on Facebook and Twitter’s mobile app promotion products to efficiently and effectively reach their target audience. And we’re happy to have had the chance to sit down and talk to Topps to share their success story in our new case study. For Topps, they…..

Watch: Tips with Tom: 10 Best Practices for Growing Your Mobile App

We recently released a new edition of our most popular ebook, Best Marketing Practices for Growing Your Mobile App, which you can download here, if you haven’t already. If you’re interested in getting some additional insights on each of the 10 tips included in the ebook, our own Tom Cummings has got you covered. Click on any of the tips to get Tom’s take, or watch the video below to see some of the highlights. Work with as many traffic sources as possible. Take advantage of the unique targeting capabilities of social networks. Focus on acquiring downloads from loyal users……

Fiksu Labs Report Reveals Facebook Mobile App Ads Deliver Unmatched ROI

Facebook’s mobile app ads have changed the game in the mobile advertising world. Since being introduced a little over a year ago, these ads have had a significant impact on app marketers and industry players. Fiksu recently conducted a study of user acquisition campaigns for close to 300 iOS and Android apps and found Facebook to be the most cost effective source of mobile app user acquisition. Despite being more expensive upfront, the study revealed that Facebook provides the highest purchasing rate and the lowest cost per purchaser when compared to banner and video networks. If you’re interested in learning…..

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