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Remarketing, retargeting, what’s the difference? Plenty.

Retargeting and remarketing are two terms that we often see used synonymously and interchangeably. Both refer to the act of re-engaging people who are already in your funnel. Distinctions are often drawn in other channels like desktop, where retargeting may mean serving display ads to someone who has visited your site and remarketing can mean following up with an email. For the purposes of mobile user acquisition, it’s time to draw some clear distinctions: Remarketing: Using first-party data from a non-mobile channel in order to get customers to download and engage with your mobile app. Retargeting: Serving ads to people…..

The Apple Watch is here – so is Fiksu’s new Watch tracking capability

The much-anticipated Apple Watch is finally here, as early pre-orders have begun to arrive. Already,3000 apps are available on the device, and 20 million units are predicted to be sold this year. The buzz is clearly at a peak for consumers, as well as marketers, who are eager to find out how they can capitalize on this newest mobile device. Here at Fiksu, we’re pleased to announce Apple Watch tracking capabilities that will allow marketers to recognize and track user behavior on the Apple Watch, including launches, registrations, purchases, or any watch event they’re interested in keeping track of. Because…..

France’s largest newspaper Le Figaro benefits from Fiksu’s mobile expertise

Le Figaro, the longest-running and largest newspaper in France, has, like many others, had to adapt with the times. Most recently, the company has made the move into mobile, launching an app to deliver the news to their customers whenever and wherever they need it. Wanting to become the fist media brand in France with a dominant presence on all channels (paper, desktop, and mobile), the company turned to Fiksu for our mobile expertise. The results: Le Figaro was able to reach #1 in the News category in the French App Store and gain valuable insights about their users. Find…..

Fiksu’s Data, Reach, and Optimization Help Amwell Succeed

Amwell, a free-to-download app created by American Well and launched in October 2013, gives Americans live video access to US board-certified doctors, therapists, and nutritionists 24/7/365 from a mobile device — for just $49 per visit. By partnering with Fiksu and leveraging our unique combination of data, reach, and optimization, Amwell was able to achieve its goals of driving enrollments and growing its high-value user base. Find out more about how they were able to reach #1 in the Medical category and achieve 15x more registrations per week at 80% lower cost per registration in our complete case study. “If…..

New ebook: Retargeting – Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy is Incomplete Without It

A recent study by Adroll revealed nearly three-quarters of marketers spend between 10 to 50 percent of their budgets on retargeting. And we expect that number to grow throughout 2015, especially on mobile. As our new ebook describes, retargeting – which allows marketers to reach users who have previously visited their mobile app or mobile website – is a great way to maximize ROI by adding impressive incremental gains to revenue, purchasers, registrations, and more. In fact, for one mobile game company working with Fiksu, every $1 invested in retargeting resulted in an incremental $4 in sales. Download the full…..

Cut Down on Cart Abandonment This Holiday Season with Retargeting

A new report from Jumio reveals that merchants and brands could lose out on up to $8.6 billion in mobile sales this holiday season due to checkout cart abandonment. The study found that consumers abandon the mobile checkout process for many reasons, including slow network speeds and high shipping fees. If you’re a retailer, how can you prevent this from happening in your mobile site or app? The most direct course of action is to re-evaluate your mobile site or app and make sure the checkout process is as easy and streamlined as possible. But to get the most out…..

Fiksu Interviews: Retargeting-What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

You may have read our recent article in VentureBeat highlighting the benefits of using retargeting both before and after users upgrade to iOS8 in the coming days. If you’re interested in the strategy but haven’t completely wrapped your head around retargeting quite yet, we can help. Retargeting is a great strategy that can be used in a variety of instances-not just this week around the iOS8 launch. For a quick retargeting refresh, we turn to some of our resident experts here at Fiksu, who recently discussed the topic at Fiksu’s annual sales week. Check out the video below. First question:…..

Stay on the “keep list” for iOS 8 – with retargeting

September and October are exciting – and scary – months for app marketers. It’s the season for new Apple devices, and with them a new version of iOS.  When users update their operating system or move to new phones, they often re-evaluate their app choices and clean house on their phones. “What do I delete and what do I keep? Should I look at new apps to install?” That’s the scary part for app marketers: it’s an easy time to lose a connection with a customer who might not reinstall every app on their phone. Last year, nearly 60 percent…..

Fiksu and Facebook Help Golfshot Generate Over 1M Downloads Across 50 Countries

Shotzoom had seen success with several golf-focused paid apps, but the introduction of its free-to-download Golfshot: Golf GPS * app presented a new challenge. With the goal of cost effectively scaling its user base and validating its business model, Shotzoom partnered with Fiksu to leverage Facebook’s mobile app ads. Using Facebook’s many capabilities including segmented audiences, interest targeting, lookalike campaigns and retargeting, Fiksu was able to help generate over 1 million downloads across 50 countries. At the same time, Golfshot was also able to reach
top 5 in its category while achieving cost and ROI goals. Here’s the new case study……

Introducing Fiksu Mobile Retargeting

As the mobile app market continues to mature, brands have set their sights on sophisticated goals beyond basic user acquisition, aiming to reach their target users across multiple barriers: over time and across apps and device platforms. Marketers have already experienced the power of retargeting on the desktop – in fact, eMarketer says that 55 percent of marketers view retargeting as one of the most important forms of targeting. But without access to tools common to desktop marketing (cookies, tracking pixels, etc.), retargeting on mobile has proven extremely challenging. Today for the first time, Fiksu is bringing retargeting to mobile,…..

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