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December app marketing costs surge to record high

This month’s app marketing costs, measured by our Cost Per Loyal User Index, broke the September’s record high of $4.14 – hitting $4.23 in December. That’s a 19 percent jump in costs from November, and a 101 percent increase in costs since last year at this time. App download volume also increased– as was expected during the holiday season – as users activated new devices and downloaded new apps. December downloads reached 8.5 million; a 16 percent rise since November. It was interesting to see the increase in costs outpace the increase in app downloads. This indicates that holiday app…..

New ebook: The Mobile Advantage: Engaging Audiences Throughout the Customer Journey

Everywhere you turn someone is on a mobile device. Whether they’re in their living room, riding a subway, or even walking down the street, all eyes are laser focused on the smartphone in their hands that can connect them to the rest of the world. And that means with each and every passing second, as more and more actions are taken on those mobile devices, more and more mobile data is being collected. Data which, thanks to the mobile ID, is more reliable, and more personal than ever before. Thus we have the mobile advantage. As our latest ebook describes,…..

Case Study: Fiksu Helps Audioboom Reach New Heights

Audioboom, a London-based podcast network, allows users to listen to, record and share sound files via desktop and mobile app. The company has more than 4 million registered users worldwide. Back in September of 2014, Audioboom was hoping to make a splash with their newly re-designed iOS app–and splash they did. With Fiksu’s help, Audioboom was able to reach the top 10 in both the US and UK App Store. As you can read in our complete case study, they were also able to drive more than one million downloads in just a few short months. “We’ve hit every target…..

Infographic: How advertising grew up

By 2017 mobile is predicted to account for nearly three quarters of US digital ad spend, making it one of the most far-reaching and effective platforms to target consumers. But mobile advertising didn’t arrive overnight. It’s the culmination of years of marketer trial and error, combining advancements in four key areas: Data Reach Targeting Creative Looking back as far as ancient Roman times, marketing has evolved dramatically over the years, with each new format providing more robust opportunities for marketers to effectively reach their target audience. The following infographic explores and evaluates the history of advertising.

The mobile mindset: marketing costs see unprecedented growth

As the proverb goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and the same may be true for marketers in April. While this past month represented another expensive one for mobile, particularly on a year-over-year viewpoint, it also may prove to be very fruitful. As leading brands heightened their focus on strategic mobile spending and higher-value targeting, loyalty rates of app users (and the cost to acquire a loyal user) has improved slightly. Perhaps as a reaction to the generally higher costs, advertisers are spending smarter and have clearly shifted into a “mobile mindset.” A few highlights from the supporting metrics of…..

New ebook: Filling in the Gaps: Uncovering Mobile’s Increasing Role in the Customer Journey

It may not be surprising that 86% of senior-level marketers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to create a cohesive customer journey. But in 2015, that isn’t quite as easy as it may have once been. As our new ebook describes, the customer journey in general, and more specifically how marketers track it, has gotten significantly more complicated. The rapid growth of mobile is making it much more challenging, though not impossible, for marketers to account for its increasing role in the customer journey: the digital marketing infrastructures that worked so well on desktop haven’t yet caught up to mobile……

Infographic: Programmatic RTB – Mobile Audiences On Par With TV

Consumer media habits are shifting, and they’re shifting toward mobile and away from television. In fact, for the first time ever, Americans spent more time on their mobile devices than watching TV. Yet, for more traditional marketers, in many cases TV still remains the dominant advertising medium. And while mobile budgets have grown over the last several years, they’re still not on par with the amount of time spent on mobile. But they should be. Advertisers can reach the same size audiences at dramatically lower costs when comparing mobile to television. In particular, when looking at programmatic real-time bidding on…..

Three Takeaways from Mobile Leaders at #MobileWomentoWatchSummit

If you’re wondering who to invite to a conference to guarantee a lively discussion, I suggest bringing ambitious, like-minded, mobile-obsessed women together. This Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending the Mobile Women to Watch summit in New York City as a 2015 honoree. Finalists accompanying me on this year’s list came from several recognized brands such as Walgreens, GM, Starwood and executives from leading ad agencies and mobile companies. With so many innovators in one place, it was quite the amalgam of stories, ideas and best practices from talented leaders in mobile. One of the things I love about…..

Fiksu Team Fuels Up for Growth with Silicon Valley Bank

Today marks an important milestone in Fiksu’s history. This morning we announced that we secured  $10 million in debt funding from Silicon Valley Bank, which means more support to fuel our global expansion and ongoing product development. With this new financing we have the room to build out even more innovation in the world of programmatic ad tech for mobile and serve a broader audience of clients around the world. This news comes hot on the heels of other major milestones for Fiksu, including reaching 300 employees, driving over 1 billion downloads in nine months, hitting $100 million in annual…..

App Store Discoverability: Are Top Charts or Keyword Searches Driving the Downloads?

A new study conducted by MobileDevHQ, an ASO company recently acquired by Tune, suggests that where an app ranks in search results, rather than where it ranks in the top charts, is the most important component of discoverability. But we’re not so sure that paints a complete and clear picture: consumer intent in this and similar surveys is actually quite unclear. The difference between searching and “searching”? Previous studies from Forrester, Neilsen, and inMobi seem to also suggest “search” is the primary means of discoverability. But a second look at all of these results begs one critical question: do consumers…..

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