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App Downloads and Costs Dip in November – But Year-Over-Year Growth is Robust

App downloads and marketing costs fell slightly in November as the app marketing landscape settled slightly. Unprecedented volume and cost growth throughout the year created the environment for this month’s small month-over-month decline. Specifically, the App Store Competitive Index dropped to 7.3 million daily downloads, down eight percent from October. Meanwhile, the Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) Index dropped 11 percent month-over-month, to $3.55. Loyalty costs maintained strong growth over 2014, however, with CPLU growing 125 percent since November 2014. We suspect this month may have seen less activity from marketers in anticipation of Christmas pushes. Alternatively, marketers could be…..

Fiksu Interviews: Client Catch-up with Golfshot

For some companies, mobile is just one part of what they do. For Shotzoom, much like for Fiksu, mobile is the only thing they do. Shotzoom has been developing apps since 2008, and their golf performance app, Golfshot: Golf GPS is currently among the Top 20 grossing apps in the sports category. We recently sat down with their President and GM, Ben Addoms, to learn more about their mobile strategy. Watch the complete video below. According to Ben, Golfshot’s number one challenge is growing their audience scalably. “We’re really agnostic about where we get users from,” says Ben. “We care…..

Fiksu Interviews: Shotzoom’s Golfshot Has Reaped the Benefits of Being An Early Adopter on Twitter

“Being willing to be early gives you the advantage of being there before the crowd of advertisers is already there.” So says Ben Addoms, President and GM at Shotzoom Software, makers of the app Golfshot: Golf GPS, which helps improve golf performance. Golfshot was one of the first apps to use Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion products earlier this summer. Watch the full video below to hear more from Ben on early adoption in general and how it’s benefitted them on Twitter. According to Ben, “It was like having a holiday to advertise on Twitter in July and August before everybody else…..

App Store Discoverability: Are Top Charts or Keyword Searches Driving the Downloads?

A new study conducted by MobileDevHQ, an ASO company recently acquired by Tune, suggests that where an app ranks in search results, rather than where it ranks in the top charts, is the most important component of discoverability. But we’re not so sure that paints a complete and clear picture: consumer intent in this and similar surveys is actually quite unclear. The difference between searching and “searching”? Previous studies from Forrester, Neilsen, and inMobi seem to also suggest “search” is the primary means of discoverability. But a second look at all of these results begs one critical question: do consumers…..

Fiksu Interviews: Client Catch-up with American Well

Fiksu is proud to work with some of the leading mobile apps in the industry, and that includes American Well, which allows users to see a doctor right on their phone or tablet. We recently caught up with the company’s SVP of Consumer Markets, Mike Putnam, to learn more about their mobile marketing strategy. Check out the complete video below. According to Mike, since the company launched its first mobile apps last year, the bulk of their enrollments and doctor’s visits have moved to their mobile app. As a result, he says “mobile has become absolutely essential for our strategy……

July Index Shows Makings of a Blockbuster Year

Have you gone for a hike in the mountains this summer? Well, then you’re following in similar footsteps as app marketing costs – which have continued to climb in July’s Index. The Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) Index, which measures the cost of acquiring a loyal user for brands who proactively market their apps, came in at $1.97. This represents a 9 percent increase year-over-year and the second-highest peak in the four year-history of the Fiksu Indexes. While the cost to acquire loyal users continues its steady ascent, so does Cost Per Install, tracking the cost per app install directly…..

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