Best of the Best: Fiksu Dominates Apple’s Top Grossing Apps of 2013

Last week, Apple released its Best of 2013 rankings, showcasing the apps (and music, and movies) that saw the most success on iTunes and the App Store. We’re proud of the success our clients have, and we knew they’d be well-represented on the Top Grossing apps list — but the extent might surprise you. Turns out that 40 of the top 50 grossing apps of the year used Fiksu and/or FreeMyApps, our app discovery network. That’s 80% of the biggest money makers in the app space working with Fiksu. We’ve also promoted 9 of the top 10 apps on that list. Not a bad track…..

The Year Without an App Store Freeze

The busiest single period of the app marketing year is going on right now — and yesterday, on Christmas, all eyes were on the iTunes App Store. Fiksu was carefully monitoring the App Store, watching for the “freeze” — the period where ranks in the all-important Top Charts stop moving. In recent years, the freeze has been getting shorter and shorter. This year, for the first time, there was no real freeze at all. As we discussed in a recent article on VentureBeat, a change to how the App Store updates made a potential freeze largely irrelevant anyway: because ranks only update every three hours, there’s…..