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Slow start for iPhone 7

Through the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are coming up short of the adoption rates seen in other recent launches. Here’s what our iPhone adoption trackers showed at the end of the day Sunday: At just 0.5% usage after the opening weekend, the iPhone 7 is at half the adoption of the 6s (1.1%) and less than a third of what the 6 had at the same point (1.8%). The 7 Plus is doing no better. It’s clearly too early to say the iPhone 7 is a flop. But despite Apple’s best efforts, the excitement level…..

Two new iPhones spotted in Fiksu data

Rumors about the Fall introduction of new iPhones and iPads are heating up, with indications pointing to a September 9th announcement of the new devices. As a result, we did a little digging in our data to see if we could spot any new Apple hardware—and we did indeed. In July, we saw two new iPhones in our logs: IDENTIFIER  UNIQUE DEVICES  iphone8,1 87  iphone8,2 67 It’s important to note that these identifiers don’t match exactly what the new phones will be called: currently, the iPhone 6’s identifier is “iphone7,2” and the iPhone 6 Plus is “iphone7,1”. If the general…..

Reach Users of New Mobile Devices this Holiday Season: The Possibilities are Endless!

Millions of smartphones and tablets will be given as gifts this holiday season. In fact, Apple is expected to ship nearly 72 million iPhones this quarter, driven largely by holiday sales. And while the iPhone may seem to be the more popular device at the moment (see the staggering adoption rates on our tracker), iPads are traditionally among the most gifted devices on Christmas. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how iPads fair this year with some stiff competition from the larger smartphones. But be it iPhones or iPads, there will be millions of new mobile devices being unwrapped…..

The Start of the Holiday Rush Causes Spike in App Marketing Costs, find November Indexes

Our November Fiksu Indexes marked the start of the 2013 holiday season rush, with app marketing costs and daily downloads beginning their upward climb. And, when combined with our device usage tracker, they hinted at what’s in store for a record-shattering December! The Cost per Loyal User Index jumped 10 percent, or 16 cents, to $1.79 from October’s $1.63 – a 25 percent increase in costs year-over-year. This month’s increase follows suit with the increase seen in November 2012 following the iPhone 5 launch, although the swing isn’t  nearly as drastic since costs in October 2013 didn’t drop to October 2012’s historic…..

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