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New eBook: Biggest Changes in iOS 8 For App Marketers

This week Fiksu released our latest ebook—Biggest Changes in iOS 8 For App Marketers:Updating your user acquisition strategies in response to Apple’s latest OS.  In it, we examine the five most significant changes in iOS 8 for app marketers, along with strategies to more effectively increase visibility, attract loyal users, and encourage app interactions. Some of the tips in our free ebook include: Leveraging Actionable NotificationsLearn how actionable notifications can help you reengage with users, stay top-of-mind, and encourage in-app purchases and downloads. Enticing Users with WidgetsExecuted properly, widgets can offer users with additional functionality while also encouraging interactions. Understanding…..

August Index Reflects Slowdowns; Impact of iPhone 6 Launch on App Use and Marketing Spend

August was a ‘lazy’ month for vacationers, app users, and for app marketers, demonstrated by lowered app install activity on both iOS and Android and lower marketing spends. The Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) Index, which measures the cost of acquiring a loyal user for brands who actively market their apps, came in at $1.86, representing a 6 percent decrease from last month’s index. Users were less active with apps in August, but marketers were also spending less. Both Android and iOS Cost Per Install (CPI) dropped – down 31 percent month-over-month and 26 percent year-over-year on Android, and on…..

Troubled iOS 8.0.1 Only Reached a Small Percentage of iPhone 6s

Last night, Apple withdrew iOS 8.0.1 after it surfaced that the update was causing problems with cellular connectivity for iPhone 6 users. That’s a pretty serious bug — but it turns out that according to our data, only a very small percentage of users with the new phones had actually upgraded — and many of them have used Apple’s instructions on how to revert to the original iOS 8.0. Yesterday afternoon, before 8.0.1 was withdrawn, we saw 0.38% of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users on the update. This morning, that percentage had dropped by a third to 0.24%. As…..

24 Hours of iOS 8: Video

Our iOS 8 Activity Tracker is showing real-time iOS 8 events from around the world, illustrating the rapid switch to the new operating system. (Fairly rapid, anyway: not nearly as fast as iOS 7 last year, but still impressive.) The most dramatic images came from the first 24 hours, though, as early adopters rushed to get the new software. To show that first burst of activity, we’ve put together this time-lapse video of the first 24 hours. Take a look and watch as first major cities, then smaller cities, then scattered points throughout the US and Europe light up with…..

iOS 8: The First 24 Hours

Well, considered us surprised. Despite what seemed like significant anticipation, Apple users did not rush to upgrade to iOS 8 during the first day of availabilty.  In fact, when compared to the number of downloads this time last year, the adoption rate of iOS 8 is lagging more than 50% behind that of iOS 7, specifically 11% to 22.5%. What gives? Because nothing’s ever simple, it’s most likely a combination of factors, particularly: Long Download TimesSome users have reported notifications warning of download times in excess of 25 hours.   And, honestly, can you blame them for not proceeding?  Who can…..

Introducing our real-time iOS 8 adoption tracker

You’re not the only one anticipating today’s release of iOS 8. In fact, since Apple’s operating system was made available to the public at 1 pm EST, more than a few have headed over to the notification center,  “read” the terms and agreements, and clicked update. But if you’re curious just how many people have upgraded in the first hours (or, let’s be real—minutes) of release, check out Fiksu’s tracker.   It displays how many millions of Fiksu in-app events are running on newly iOS 8-enabled devices. And while you’re there, take look at our other trackers, including one that compares…..

Apple Confirms What We’ve Known All Along

Earlier this week Apple released its updated figures on iOS adoption, showing that 87 percent of devices are running on iOS 7, 11 percent on iOS 6 and 2 percent on earlier OS’. And would you look at that – an identical representation of what Fiksu is seeing on its iOS adoption tracker! With rumors of iOS 8 looming, you can bet we’ll be watching!