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Google I/O announcements signal renewed focus on mobile app ads

Two years ago, Facebook threw a karate chop to the gut of the mobile marketing industry by creating revolutionary tools for mobile app marketers. Yesterday, Google responded with a one-two punch of its own, addressing both the demand side and supply side of the market. On the demand side, they’ve launched Universal App Campaigns that will allow advertisers to create one campaign that will cut across all of Google’s properties: Google search, the Play Store, YouTube, mobile sites, the display network, and its AdMob mobile ad network. They’ve also introduced Mobile App Install Campaign Attribution, which will allow advertisers to…..

“Mobilegeddon” brings good news for apps

This week, Google is rolling out some changes to their search behavior that could make waves for app developers. First, you’ve probably heard about the update to their page rank algorithm that gives more credit to sites that have a mobile friendly design, ranking them higher on mobile search results. The changes — referred to as “Mobilegeddon” by some in the SEO industry — reward web pages for such mobile-friendly practices as: Responsive design that adapts to the user’s screen size Avoiding Flash, preferring HTML5 videos and animations Quick load speeds on mobile, ideally under one second Avoiding interstitials, such…..

The End of “Freemium”? What to expect from Google and Facebook’s New App Rules

Within the past few weeks, both Google and Facebook announced major changes to how games with in-app purchases (IAPs) can be advertised on their networks. Google will instate several new policies by the end of September, including: no longer allowing apps to be categorized as “free” if they offer in-app purchases preventing users (particularly children) from being debited through an app’s default settings encouraging developers to provide an email address should consumers wish to voice concerns or complaints. Facebook is making a similar push in conjunction with the release of  its latest advertising API. While its decision to end incentivized…..

Infographic: The Power of Facebook and Potential for Mobile App Marketing

When Facebook launched its mobile app install ads in October 2012, it soon became clear that there was massive – and untapped – potential in app install ads. Five months later, we rolled out Fiksu for Facebook, and today, we’re excited to bring together metrics on the impressive reach of Facebook app install advertising in the form of our latest infographic. The rich platform, reach, and audience data paired with our highly-scalable, real-time infrastructure is proving to be a winning combination, beating out other forms of mobile advertising like banner ads and video. Facebook now boasts over 1 billion mobile users…..

The New Face of Mobile Ads

It’s been a busy week for our Chief Strategy Officer Craig Palli: with all the recent news around the changing mobile advertising landscape, his expertise has been in high demand. Last Thursday, Craig spoke with Mike Shields of the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today about the importance of app install ads, on the heels of Facebook’s earnings announcement. Today, Craig’s thoughts on Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo — and what it will take for each to succeed with app install ads — were included in a contributed post titled The New Face of Mobile Ads in Brand Republic’s Wall blog. Not…..