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10 reasons you need a mobile DSP

Usually, people we talk to have dipped their toes into programmatic advertising and are using, or have tried, a traditional desktop DSP. Yet, they’re talking to us because they want to get more results from mobile advertising. Explaining how mobile differs from other more familiar digital ad formats (like desktop) is usually the first thing we discuss. While there are a number of important differences between mobile and desktop that impact campaign performance, the important thing to remember is a good mobile DSP doesn’t compete with a legacy DSPs but compliments it. While adding a DSP to an existing adtech stack may seem daunting, here are 10 reasons why you should…..

Case Study: Fiksu Helps Audioboom Reach New Heights

Audioboom, a London-based podcast network, allows users to listen to, record and share sound files via desktop and mobile app. The company has more than 4 million registered users worldwide. Back in September of 2014, Audioboom was hoping to make a splash with their newly re-designed iOS app–and splash they did. With Fiksu’s help, Audioboom was able to reach the top 10 in both the US and UK App Store. As you can read in our complete case study, they were also able to drive more than one million downloads in just a few short months. “We’ve hit every target…..

Fiksu celebrates 5 billion downloads (and counting)

As the largest independent source of mobile audience data, we’re excited to report that we’ve just eclipsed the 5 billion download mark. In case you’re wondering just how much 5 billion really is, it’s more than the combined population of all seven countries where we have offices around the globe. That includes the US, UK, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. Our official download number 5,000,000,000 came for our client Le Figaro, a longstanding French newspaper who we’re excited to be helping establish a strong presence on mobile. When looking at iOS-only downloads, we’ve now tracked an impressive 1…..

Fiksu welcomes its annual wave of summer interns and co-ops

With each summer season in New England comes the long-awaited warm weather, baseball games at Fenway Park, and several fresh young faces at Fiksu. This summer we’re pleased to welcome a contingent of talented college students, including interns from Dartmouth and Williams College, as well as several co-ops from Northeastern University. They’ll be working across nearly all departments at Fiksu, including sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and engineering. This summer’s group brings a strong international flavor to the organization, with several students raised abroad including in Asia and India, and one of them even fluent in four languages. They’re all eager…..

The Apple Watch is here – so is Fiksu’s new Watch tracking capability

The much-anticipated Apple Watch is finally here, as early pre-orders have begun to arrive. Already,3000 apps are available on the device, and 20 million units are predicted to be sold this year. The buzz is clearly at a peak for consumers, as well as marketers, who are eager to find out how they can capitalize on this newest mobile device. Here at Fiksu, we’re pleased to announce Apple Watch tracking capabilities that will allow marketers to recognize and track user behavior on the Apple Watch, including launches, registrations, purchases, or any watch event they’re interested in keeping track of. Because…..

New ebook: Filling in the Gaps: Uncovering Mobile’s Increasing Role in the Customer Journey

It may not be surprising that 86% of senior-level marketers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to create a cohesive customer journey. But in 2015, that isn’t quite as easy as it may have once been. As our new ebook describes, the customer journey in general, and more specifically how marketers track it, has gotten significantly more complicated. The rapid growth of mobile is making it much more challenging, though not impossible, for marketers to account for its increasing role in the customer journey: the digital marketing infrastructures that worked so well on desktop haven’t yet caught up to mobile……

France’s largest newspaper Le Figaro benefits from Fiksu’s mobile expertise

Le Figaro, the longest-running and largest newspaper in France, has, like many others, had to adapt with the times. Most recently, the company has made the move into mobile, launching an app to deliver the news to their customers whenever and wherever they need it. Wanting to become the fist media brand in France with a dominant presence on all channels (paper, desktop, and mobile), the company turned to Fiksu for our mobile expertise. The results: Le Figaro was able to reach #1 in the News category in the French App Store and gain valuable insights about their users. Find…..

January Index Reveals Record-Breaking Volume and Rising Costs

The New Year is off to a strong start, as the January 2015 App Store Competitive Index surpassed the 10 million download mark for the first time ever, coming in at 10.3 million daily downloads compared to last month’s previous record high of 9.2 million. This represents a 12 percent growth month-over-month and a marked 61 percent leap since January 2014. Along with the impressive app volume downloads, mobile marketing costs also broke records in January: the Fiksu Cost Per Loyal User Index (CPLU), which measures the cost of acquiring a loyal user for brands who actively market their apps,…..

Welcome to the New Fiksu!

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, we’ve changed things up a bit.  Today, we launched our new website, logo, expanded messaging, and, most notably—a brand new line of mobile marketing solutions designed for brands, agencies, and performance marketers looking to reach precise mobile audiences. Our two new products are for brand performance marketing: Fiksu Aware — targets precise mobile audiences to drive brand awareness and consideration Fiksu Response — drives mobile leads, registrations, or sales from targeted audiences We’ve also renamed our existing app marketing products: Fiksu Acquire—builds a high-value user base for mobile apps or games Fiksu Retain—re-engages existing app users,…..

Video: Fiksu Expands Boston Headquarters

A new year, a new milestone for Fiksu. Thanks to our rapid growth, we’ve been busting out of the seams of our Boston headquarters for some time now. So on January 5th, we expanded our offices by opening a new floor at 31 St. James Avenue, nearly doubling our space to 43K total sq. ft. “It’s great to move in to this space and really see this space as a symbol of growth and a celebration of that growth,” said Fiksu CEO Micah Adler. “It’s interesting to look back on all the previous moves and expansions we’ve had, and see…..

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