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Targeted Facebook campaigns not working? Don’t blame targeting… diversify!

“P&G to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads.” For those of us in the ad tech industry, it was an eye-catching headline. The story is that after getting deep into targeting specific types of people on Facebook, Procter & Gamble realized they had gone too far, and were getting less effective performance on their targeted campaigns then they were on more broadly targeted ads. Now they’re pulling back their spend on those types of campaigns. Unfortunately it seems like P&G is jumping to the wrong conclusion, as precision-targeted ads, when done correctly, are almost always more efficient than broader campaigns. There…..

Snapchat’s app install gap

With 100,000,000 daily active users, 8 billion daily video views, 9,000 snaps shared per second and, according to eMarketer, nearly 71 percent of its users in the coveted millennial demographic (age 18-34), it’s no wonder Snapchat’s star is growing more brilliant by the second. Their simple interface presents brand advertisers with an elegantly designed new video medium to attract mobile eyeballs at a massive scale. This has proven especially beneficial as advertisers look to reach audiences that have shifted from television to mobile in recent years. It is a way for an ad to appear, and be viewed, in a…..

Facebook’s new emojis could be more than just silly faces

I’m always pretty excited about new possibilities for improving ad targeting and performance on Facebook. I’ll admit, however, that my first reaction to the new reaction emojis was dislike—especially because there was no Dislike button, which is something I was really looking forward to using regularly. And when I heard there were six new options but it wasn’t a true Likert Scale (a 1 through 7 range of Strongly Dislike to Strongly Like) I got a little more bummed. But after some more thought, I gotta admit, the potential is pretty impressive. For those unaware, in addition to the Like…..

Don’t panic! Facebook app marketing changes don’t have to leave you in the dark

About a month ago, Facebook announced they will no longer allow advertisers access to device-level reporting. Specifically, advertisers won’t be able to get access to the device IDs of users found through Facebook ads. While this is a big change for advertisers using those IDs directly, there’s an important distinction that some commentary seems to be missing. Mobile Measurement Partners—like Fiksu and many others—will still be able to use device IDs for measuring LTV and reporting aggregate data on Facebook campaign performance. That means clients will continue to receive the same mobile ad attribution, complete event tracking, LTV measurement, and…..

Google I/O announcements signal renewed focus on mobile app ads

Two years ago, Facebook threw a karate chop to the gut of the mobile marketing industry by creating revolutionary tools for mobile app marketers. Yesterday, Google responded with a one-two punch of its own, addressing both the demand side and supply side of the market. On the demand side, they’ve launched Universal App Campaigns that will allow advertisers to create one campaign that will cut across all of Google’s properties: Google search, the Play Store, YouTube, mobile sites, the display network, and its AdMob mobile ad network. They’ve also introduced Mobile App Install Campaign Attribution, which will allow advertisers to…..

Fiksu’s Data, Reach, and Optimization Help Amwell Succeed

Amwell, a free-to-download app created by American Well and launched in October 2013, gives Americans live video access to US board-certified doctors, therapists, and nutritionists 24/7/365 from a mobile device — for just $49 per visit. By partnering with Fiksu and leveraging our unique combination of data, reach, and optimization, Amwell was able to achieve its goals of driving enrollments and growing its high-value user base. Find out more about how they were able to reach #1 in the Medical category and achieve 15x more registrations per week at 80% lower cost per registration in our complete case study. “If…..

Let the Madness Begin

Today marks the official start of March Madness, college basketball’s biggest stage. Last year, 102 million viewers tuned in to the tournament to watch on average more than 6 hours of college hoops madness each. But this event, like the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and so many other live events, is no longer just about television. People are increasingly engaging with these events via other devices and platforms. Here’s some proof: According to a recent Harris poll, 74% of smartphone/tablet owning March Madness fans plan to use at least two devices simultaneously to follow the tournament, including some combination of…..

Facebook Success Story: Fiksu and American Well

With its vast compilation of user data, Facebook offers unique targeting capabilities that often lead to great success for many of our clients. Boston-based telehealth company American Well is a great example. Facebook itself was so impressed with their results that they recently released a case studyhighlighting American Well’s achievements. Among the impressive results Fiksu was able to help American Well achieve on Facebook: 3x higher conversion rates on Facebook than other channels 3.5x more active users from Facebook 84% of active users from all paid channels come from Facebook Check out the complete Facebook case study for more details and…..

New Ebook: Facebook Audience Network Investigation

When Facebook introduced its Audience Network—an advertising channel that allows advertisers to leverage the social network’s wealth of data to bring targeted adds into third-party apps—marketers took notice.  And why wouldn’t they? Marketing on Facebook’s News Feed has already proven widely successful, and by offering a new traffic source with extended targeting options, it all but guaranteed better results. Recently, Facebook granted Fiksu access to some of the most important loyalty data from Audience Network with the aim of determining how effective the new channel was at bringing in high-value users (hint, the results are really good). After monitoring the…..

Fiksu Helps Topps Realize Impressive ROI & Gain Valuable Insights

Featured by Apple as a “Best New App,” BUNT is the exclusive digital trading card app of Major League Baseball. Looking to reach out to the millions of tech-savvy baseball fans across the world, Topps, the makers of BUNT, turned to Fiksu to acquire users and maximize ROI. With Fiksu’s help, Topps was able to capitalize on Facebook and Twitter’s mobile app promotion products to efficiently and effectively reach their target audience. And we’re happy to have had the chance to sit down and talk to Topps to share their success story in our new case study. For Topps, they…..

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