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New ebook: The Mobile Advantage: Engaging Audiences Throughout the Customer Journey

Everywhere you turn someone is on a mobile device. Whether they’re in their living room, riding a subway, or even walking down the street, all eyes are laser focused on the smartphone in their hands that can connect them to the rest of the world. And that means with each and every passing second, as more and more actions are taken on those mobile devices, more and more mobile data is being collected. Data which, thanks to the mobile ID, is more reliable, and more personal than ever before. Thus we have the mobile advantage. As our latest ebook describes,…..

New Fiksu Ebook: Mastering the Mobile Market: Retail

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Back in January, Fiksu’s Craig Palli wrote about the first-ever appearance of mobile app advertisements during the Super Bowl. He theorized that by spending an average of $4.5 million dollar on commercials featuring the likes of Liam Neeson and Kate Upton, mobile companies were choosing television’s biggest stage to declare their arrival as the most dominant form of digital media. Following March Madness, when even more mobile dollars were spent and nearly every commercial break was preempted with a reminder to download the broadcasting network’s bracket app, Craig doubled down on his prediction.  Now, in the wake of this month’s…..

New ebook: Filling in the Gaps: Uncovering Mobile’s Increasing Role in the Customer Journey

It may not be surprising that 86% of senior-level marketers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to create a cohesive customer journey. But in 2015, that isn’t quite as easy as it may have once been. As our new ebook describes, the customer journey in general, and more specifically how marketers track it, has gotten significantly more complicated. The rapid growth of mobile is making it much more challenging, though not impossible, for marketers to account for its increasing role in the customer journey: the digital marketing infrastructures that worked so well on desktop haven’t yet caught up to mobile……

New ebook: 5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Facebook

With more than a billion users regularly connecting via mobile, Facebook offers a huge and tempting audience to app marketers. But its appeal goes beyond size, as custom tailored mobile app ads can: Appear in user’s mobile News Feeds Link directly to the app stores Provide a wealth of flexible audience selection features However, the opportunity to cost-effectively build a loyal user base is not without its challenges. And that’s where Fiksu’s latest ebook comes in. The newly-updated 5 Essential Tips For App Marketing On Facebook, includes the most up-to-date tips and strategies for marketing an app on the world’s…..

New ebook: The Top 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Mobile marketing is a challenge.  A fragmented ecosystem, innumerable targeting options, the fluctuating effectiveness of advertising channels, and a lack of necessary data are only some of the many obstacles coming between marketers and their intended audiences.  To err on a mobile campaign is human. And while each marketer faces their own unique challenges, some of them arise so often, they deserve special consideration. That’s why we’ve published our latest ebook, The Top 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them.  It explains the most common road bumps plaguing marketers, along with tips and tricks on how minimize or…..

New ebook: Retargeting – Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy is Incomplete Without It

A recent study by Adroll revealed nearly three-quarters of marketers spend between 10 to 50 percent of their budgets on retargeting. And we expect that number to grow throughout 2015, especially on mobile. As our new ebook describes, retargeting – which allows marketers to reach users who have previously visited their mobile app or mobile website – is a great way to maximize ROI by adding impressive incremental gains to revenue, purchasers, registrations, and more. In fact, for one mobile game company working with Fiksu, every $1 invested in retargeting resulted in an incremental $4 in sales. Download the full…..

New Ebook: 5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Twitter

The Fiksu resources keep on coming, as this week we released 5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Twitter.  A spiritual successor to the popular 5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Facebook, this latest ebook offers tips, tricks, and tactics for promoting your app—140 characters at a time. Inside, you’ll find expert advice on strategies ranging from leveraging the unique tailored audience feature to encouraging reengagement through the use of deep links.  Best of all, our recommendations are supported by real cases studies, which are included in the ebook. If you’re considering using Twitter’s expansive (284 million monthly users…..

Watch: Tips with Tom: 10 Best Practices for Growing Your Mobile App

We recently released a new edition of our most popular ebook, Best Marketing Practices for Growing Your Mobile App, which you can download here, if you haven’t already. If you’re interested in getting some additional insights on each of the 10 tips included in the ebook, our own Tom Cummings has got you covered. Click on any of the tips to get Tom’s take, or watch the video below to see some of the highlights. Work with as many traffic sources as possible. Take advantage of the unique targeting capabilities of social networks. Focus on acquiring downloads from loyal users……

New eBook: Biggest Changes in iOS 8 For App Marketers

This week Fiksu released our latest ebook—Biggest Changes in iOS 8 For App Marketers:Updating your user acquisition strategies in response to Apple’s latest OS.  In it, we examine the five most significant changes in iOS 8 for app marketers, along with strategies to more effectively increase visibility, attract loyal users, and encourage app interactions. Some of the tips in our free ebook include: Leveraging Actionable NotificationsLearn how actionable notifications can help you reengage with users, stay top-of-mind, and encourage in-app purchases and downloads. Enticing Users with WidgetsExecuted properly, widgets can offer users with additional functionality while also encouraging interactions. Understanding…..

New eBook Shows How Cross-Device Targeting is the Key for Multi-Channel Success

2014 was a watershed year for mobile. For the first time, consumers used smartphones and tablets more—194 minutes per day—than laptops/desktops (103 minutes) and television (147 minutes).  And when you consider that mobile devices are only growing in popularity, it’s a safe bet that this difference in media consumption will continue to widen.   In our latest ebook, Bridging the Desktop/Mobile Divide, we examine how app marketers can capitalize on this shift in device preference. Despite the widespread change in consumer habits, many brands are having difficulty adapting.  A survey conducted by Ad Age found that for one major nationwide retailer…..

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