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The predictive value of Fiksu data: Apple earnings prediction for Q1 2017

We talk about data a lot at Fiksu. Not surprisingly, it’s almost exclusively through the lens of mobile performance marketing, our specialty. But our massive pipe of mobile data (over 4 billion device profiles and counting) can be used for a lot more than just improving ad targeting: it can also be used to glean higher level industry insights. We recently looked at data around the release of the last three standard-size iPhones and compared those numbers to subsequent earnings statements from Apple. We found an alignment between phone adoption in the first 90 days and whether or not Apple…..

Slow start for iPhone 7

Through the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are coming up short of the adoption rates seen in other recent launches. Here’s what our iPhone adoption trackers showed at the end of the day Sunday: At just 0.5% usage after the opening weekend, the iPhone 7 is at half the adoption of the 6s (1.1%) and less than a third of what the 6 had at the same point (1.8%). The 7 Plus is doing no better. It’s clearly too early to say the iPhone 7 is a flop. But despite Apple’s best efforts, the excitement level…..

Two new iPhones spotted in Fiksu data

Rumors about the Fall introduction of new iPhones and iPads are heating up, with indications pointing to a September 9th announcement of the new devices. As a result, we did a little digging in our data to see if we could spot any new Apple hardware—and we did indeed. In July, we saw two new iPhones in our logs: IDENTIFIER  UNIQUE DEVICES  iphone8,1 87  iphone8,2 67 It’s important to note that these identifiers don’t match exactly what the new phones will be called: currently, the iPhone 6’s identifier is “iphone7,2” and the iPhone 6 Plus is “iphone7,1”. If the general…..

Recent App Store “change” no cause for alarm

There have been some rumblings recently that Apple made a change to how apps get featured within the App Store’s “Featured” tab. This came after Apple changed the names of the “New” and “What’s Hot” lists to “Best New Games” and “All Time Greats”, amongst others. Previously, it was known that download velocity and volume could impact one’s placement in these “Featured” charts, presumably due to a ranking algorithm that looked at this data in real-time. For instance, an app that received 100K installs in a day was likely to get one or more features, such as in “What’s Hot”. The assumption…..

You Can’t Spell Apple Watch Without App

If you haven’t been convinced you need an app by now, maybe last week’s announcement of theApple Watch will finally do it. If Adobe is right in its estimate that 10% of iPhone and iPad users will have an Apple Watch in the next 18 months, then that’s 25 million people who will only be able to engage with your brand through their smartwatch if you have an app. With a screen that measures just 38 or 42 millimeters, and no keyboard, native apps will fuel engagement. Apple is calling the watch their “most personal device yet,” and with it…..

Apple Takes Steps to Aid UA for Paid Games

Lately, free-to-play games have taken a lot of heat. In just the past few months, Pocket Gamerdebated the viability of the model on its website, and Business Insider published an article referring to the consumer experience with freemium games as “downright cruel.” Even South Park got in on the conversation with the episode “Freemium isn’t Free,” in which it was theorized that the “-mium” suffix originates from the Latin for “not really.” Yet despite this criticism, there’s little to indicate that the freemium model is losing steam. Free-to-play games retain a firm grasp on top of the App Store charts,…..

Apple’s Top Grossing Apps Contains Many Fiksu Users

Yesterday, Apple released their annual rankings of the year’s top grossing apps—and, we’re thrilled to say, Fiksu was well represented.  In fact, 41 out of the top 50 and a jaw-dropping 9 out of the top 10 apps have promoted their apps through Fiksu’s systems. Besides bragging rights, the biggest take away from Apple’s release is the power of data in attracting the right users.  Fiksu leverages its enormous—and continually growing—reservoir of data to target and ultimately acquire the type of high-value users who drive monetization. And well, the results speak for themselves. The complete 2014 rankings can be seen…..

The First 72 Hours: Apple’s iPhone 6 Adoption Significantly Outpacing the 6 Plus

In just the first 72 hours, Apple sold more than 10 million new iPhone 6 and 6 plus devices, which isn’t all that surprising based on what seemed like added anticipation. What remains somewhat surprising, however, is that the iPhone 6 seems to be crushing the iPhone 6 plus in sales. While Apple hasn’t (and likely won’t) officially announced separate sales numbers for the two devices, our tracker shows that early adoption for the iPhone 6 is off the charts, while the iPhone 6 plus is barely pacing ahead of the iPhone 5c. The question is, what gives? As we…..

Introducing Our Real Time iPhone 6/6 Plus Tracker: Adoption Is Already Off the Charts

The long awaited “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 and 6 plus models officially hit stores today, and eager fans across the globe have been waiting in line for hours attempting to get their hands on one of the shiny new devices. A quick look at our iPhone adoption tracker shows the iPhone 6 is quickly outpacing prior models just a few hours after release. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as Apple announced earlier this week that it had sold 4 million iPhones (6 and 6 plus) during its preorder- twice as many as it sold in preorder for…..

Apple Confirms What We’ve Known All Along

Earlier this week Apple released its updated figures on iOS adoption, showing that 87 percent of devices are running on iOS 7, 11 percent on iOS 6 and 2 percent on earlier OS’. And would you look at that – an identical representation of what Fiksu is seeing on its iOS adoption tracker! With rumors of iOS 8 looming, you can bet we’ll be watching!

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