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Advice for Agencies Working with App Developers

This is a guest post from our partner AppsFlyer written by Florence Broder, Community & Localization Manager at Appsflyer with contributions from Noa Manor, Senior Account Manager at Appsflyer. It’s a competitive app marketplace out there, which is forcing app developers to invest their in-house resources on product development rather than marketing the app. For that, they turn to digital agencies to support user acquisition and retention efforts. But what should agencies know when working with this unique group? We’re All in it Together App Developers are looking for agencies that will be their partner rather than just an outsourced…..

Why iOS App Marketers Should Care About Exchange Rates

Most US Apple app developers understand that for every $0.99 purchase on iTunes, they make $0.70, a 70% cut. However, for international sales, that percentage varies due to a few factors Apple has a tiered pricing & commision structure for all purchases, and this structure is different for each country’s currency. For instance: Apple converts other currencies into the developer’s currency using the exchange rate at time of payout Apple’s pricing matrix is not updated in real-time Given this, if exchange rates fluctuate (as they always will), US developers may not make 70% USD cuts for a given currency’s pricing…..

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