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There’s a Sea Change in Ad Tech

Cannes Lions is the only truly global meeting place for professionals working in creative communications, from creatives and marketers to technologists and media specialists. Cannes Lions is where 12,000 people from 94 countries come together to be inspired by seven unmissable days of learning, networking and celebration. –Cannes Lions Official Website I just returned from the South of France, and Cannes truly was a remarkable experience! It was the perfect setting for an event, providing a professional yet relaxing atmosphere to discuss business and get things done. Few, if any, other events in this industry provide such a high concentration…..

Fiksu One of Boston Magazine’s “Next Tech Gold Mines”

In the day-to-day excitement and chaos of running a fast-growing technology business, it’s sometimes hard to get perspective on where we really fit in the larger community. Because of that, outside perspectives like today’s Boston Magazine article on the state of ad tech in Boston are incredibly valuable. Author Michael Fitzgerald (@riparian) investigated the exploding Boston-area ad tech landscape through five companies: DataXu, Nanigans, Swoop, Hubspot, and Fiksu. His article explores the relationship between investors, emerging businesses, and long-term regional development. We’re honored to be considered part of Boston’s Next Tech Gold Mine and hope that the ad tech industry does stay a…..

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