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Success on Mobile Signals New Era for Scotts


Scotts, long synonymous with lawn care has also been trying to become synonymous with mobile. The well-established brand refreshed their mobile app earlier this year, and turned to Fiksu to help them promote it. The app provides all kinds of advice and guidance on how to grow a beautiful lawn, including when to buy lawn care products like fertilizer and weed control.

With Fiksu’s programmatic technology and expertise, Scotts was able to generate a lot of buzz around their app and far exceed their key goals. In fact, Scotts beat their new user goal by 60 percent, while nearly two-thirds of those users completed a personal lawn care plan. And, as you can read more about in our complete case study, they did all that while exceeding their cost per install target by 60 percent. The net result was 95 percent more high-value users—at a cost less than half of what they expected.

“It was very valuable to have Fiksu as a partner, not just to run the media, but also to think strategically about direction and say ‘Let’s try this next.’ It’s a great feeling to have a partner that is so well aligned with our goals,” said Patti Ziegler, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Scotts.

Scotts was not only able to realize great results, but thanks to Fiksu’s unique integration with Adobe Analytics, they were also able to view those results within the broader scope of their overall marketing strategy. To learn more about the results they achieved and the strategies used,download the complete case study or read more about the campaign in MediaPost.