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Slow start for iPhone 7

Through the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are coming up short of the adoption rates seen in other recent launches. Here’s what our iPhone adoption trackers showed at the end of the day Sunday:

iPhone 7 adoption lagging other recent iPhone launches

At just 0.5% usage after the opening weekend, the iPhone 7 is at half the adoption of the 6s (1.1%) and less than a third of what the 6 had at the same point (1.8%). The 7 Plus is doing no better.

It’s clearly too early to say the iPhone 7 is a flop. But despite Apple’s best efforts, the excitement level isn’t quite the same around this phone: without a truly innovative feature or new design, not as many buyers are rushing get their hands on one. Whether that’s just a temporary slow down or will last until the iPhone 8, only time will tell.


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