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SimplePrints Grows 70% in Five Months with Fiksu and Facebook


StoryTree’s SimplePrints app provides a fast and easy way to turn your photos into a printed photo book. And Fiksu provides a fast and easy way to scale a business with Facebook – so it only made sense that we were able to work with StoryTree to help grow their business by over 70% in just five months. Here’s the new case study.

A picture-perfect match

While Facebook’s mobile app install ads have proven their value to many app marketers, our programmatic technology can take that value to the next level. StoryTree is a great example: they had been marketing their SimplePrints photo book app on Facebook, but needed help to scale their business and find users more cost effectively. Based on a recommendation from another Fiksu client, StoryTree turned to us to manage their Facebook marketing .

The result? According to Head of Product Development Alex Oliviera, five months after Fiksu began marketing their app, their business had grown 70%. Over time, their CPI was lowered by 20% and the volume of users nearly doubled. Read all the details about SimplePrints, Facebook, and Fiksu.

And, if you’re an iPhone user and want an easy way to share photos and create photo books, check out the SimplePrints app!

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