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Reach Users of New Mobile Devices this Holiday Season: The Possibilities are Endless!

iPhone gift

Millions of smartphones and tablets will be given as gifts this holiday season. In fact, Apple is expected to ship nearly 72 million iPhones this quarter, driven largely by holiday sales. And while the iPhone may seem to be the more popular device at the moment (see the staggering adoption rates on our tracker), iPads are traditionally among the most gifted devices on Christmas. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how iPads fair this year with some stiff competition from the larger smartphones.

But be it iPhones or iPads, there will be millions of new mobile devices being unwrapped and activated this holiday season. Users of these new smartphones and tablets will be eagerly in search of such things as new smartphone accessories, and new apps and games to download, to further enhance their new device.

As a marketer, this could be a valuable group of users to be able to identify and target this holiday season. At Fiksu, we’re happy to introduce a new capability that will allow us to help you do just that.

Last Christmas Day, Apple saw 2.3x more activations than they did on an average December day, and that’s likely to grow this year. Get in touch with Fiksu today to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of this great opportunity.