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Pitch out: taking your mobile ads to the ballpark


It’s opening day for most of baseball today, and here at Boston-based Fiksu we have a lot of Red Sox fans getting excited for another big season. But beyond our rooting interests, we’ve also been thinking a lot about how the combination of location targeting and mobile ID-based tracking creates huge opportunities for brands interested in reaching baseball fans.

First, baseball lends itself to direct location targeting for several reasons:

  • 30 teams * 162 games each = 2,340 games
  • An average of 30K fans per game
  • Easy to map – only 30 locations to target
  • Baseball pacing encourages lots of casual mobile usage in between batters and innings

Brands that are more than happy to spend many thousands of dollars for TV, radio, in-stadium ads, and more types of sponsorships should be considering geo-fenced mobile ads, targeted to run only around game times. There are all kinds of creative opportunities:

  • Buy mobile ads in a park sponsored by a competitor
  • Run real-time promotions, inviting fans to an in-park location
  • Run baseball- or team-specific creative to get fans’ attention

The bigger opportunity, though, comes from thinking beyond just one game. With Fiksu’s mobile ID-based targeting, we can collect the identifiers for every device we serve an ad to during a baseball-targeted campaign. Then we can target that device wherever we see it going forward — so over time, each campaign builds up a massive¬†collection of targetable devices, adding a stadium’s worth of potential customers with each passing game.

Of course, baseball is just an example. It works well for the reasons outline above, but similar thinking can be applied to other sports (NASCAR, anyone?), industry events, music festivals, ski mountains… anywhere a large and valuable audience is gathered. Get in touch if you want to learn more.

In the meantime….

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