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Fiksu Introduces Two New Indexes to Its Arsenal of App Market Insights

Since Fiksu’s inception, our goal has been to help app developers and marketers find success in mobile and our strategy continues to evolve to reflect the inevitable changes in the mobile ecosystem and how they impacts your business. For nearly three years, we’ve published our monthly Indexes, the Cost per Loyal User Index and the App Store Competitive Index. Today, we’re giving you something new. Tapping our team of data scientists and our gold mine of data, today, we’re introducing a new set of indexes that focus not only on downloads, but more importantly, on sustained engagement. The new Indexes are: Cost…..

2013 in Review: How App Downloads and Marketing Costs Have Ebbed and Flowed

Last week, we released our December Indexes, which reflected the anticipated spike in downloads over the holiday season but also surprised us, with only a slight dip in app marketing costs.  What has traditionally been one of the most expensive periods for user acquisition, it appears, has actually become less costly for savvier marketers. Longer campaigns and strategic media spending using technologies like programmatic media buying meant that the peaks and troughs we’ve been used to seeing during the holidays have evened out. They say that hindsight is 20:20. With that in mind, we decided to review our past Indexes,…..

A Quick Peek into Apps World 2014

The Fiksu team is back from the West Coast after spending time at Moscone Center in San Francisco for Apps World North America last week. We returned to our Boston office with many highlights, including great networking conversations with industry professionals, developers and mobile marketers, meeting all kinds of great people in the exhibit hall at our booth, and listening to a variety of app marketing sessions. Our team also had the chance to participate in discussions with some notable panelists/clients, including AdColony, Saatchi & Saatchi, Facebook, Namo Media, Big Fish Games and Bushi-Go. On Feb. 5, our Vice President of Business Development,…..

App Marketing Bargains in Store for February

Back in September, when we talked about the upcoming holiday season, we reminded app marketers to spread their budget throughout November and into February. Over the years, ourcost per loyal user index has shown that costs stay high from November into January, rather than showing a strong differentiation between December and surrounding months as might be expected. This year’s December numbers bear that out, as cost per loyal user stayed relatively steady even as download volume shot up. In 2011, January was a bargain period – but marketers caught on to the fact that January brings loads of impressions and…..

Marketers Get Savvy as App Download Volumes Spike, Find Fiksu’s December Indexes

The App Store was buzzing during the holidays and Fiksu’s December Index data not only reflected the frenzy of excited users with new devices, but also showed the maturation of mobile app marketers. The December Fiksu App Store Competitive Index jumped by 12 percent to 6.4 million daily downloads over November’s 5.7 million – a 20 percent increase year-over-year, compared to December 2012. In December, new iPhone owners flooded the App Store around the holiday season downloading the essential apps for their new gadgets (as seen on ourdevice usage tracker). The Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index saw a slight…..

Introducing Fiksu Mobile Retargeting

As the mobile app market continues to mature, brands have set their sights on sophisticated goals beyond basic user acquisition, aiming to reach their target users across multiple barriers: over time and across apps and device platforms. Marketers have already experienced the power of retargeting on the desktop – in fact, eMarketer says that 55 percent of marketers view retargeting as one of the most important forms of targeting. But without access to tools common to desktop marketing (cookies, tracking pixels, etc.), retargeting on mobile has proven extremely challenging. Today for the first time, Fiksu is bringing retargeting to mobile,…..

The Start of the Holiday Rush Causes Spike in App Marketing Costs, find November Indexes

Our November Fiksu Indexes marked the start of the 2013 holiday season rush, with app marketing costs and daily downloads beginning their upward climb. And, when combined with our device usage tracker, they hinted at what’s in store for a record-shattering December! The Cost per Loyal User Index jumped 10 percent, or 16 cents, to $1.79 from October’s $1.63 – a 25 percent increase in costs year-over-year. This month’s increase follows suit with the increase seen in November 2012 following the iPhone 5 launch, although the swing isn’t  nearly as drastic since costs in October 2013 didn’t drop to October 2012’s historic…..

Best of the Best: Fiksu Dominates Apple’s Top Grossing Apps of 2013

Last week, Apple released its Best of 2013 rankings, showcasing the apps (and music, and movies) that saw the most success on iTunes and the App Store. We’re proud of the success our clients have, and we knew they’d be well-represented on the Top Grossing apps list — but the extent might surprise you. Turns out that 40 of the top 50 grossing apps of the year used Fiksu and/or FreeMyApps, our app discovery network. That’s 80% of the biggest money makers in the app space working with Fiksu. We’ve also promoted 9 of the top 10 apps on that list. Not a bad track…..

The Year Without an App Store Freeze

The busiest single period of the app marketing year is going on right now — and yesterday, on Christmas, all eyes were on the iTunes App Store. Fiksu was carefully monitoring the App Store, watching for the “freeze” — the period where ranks in the all-important Top Charts stop moving. In recent years, the freeze has been getting shorter and shorter. This year, for the first time, there was no real freeze at all. As we discussed in a recent article on VentureBeat, a change to how the App Store updates made a potential freeze largely irrelevant anyway: because ranks only update every three hours, there’s…..

Where We’ve Been: The Fiksu Late Fall World Tour

It’s the season of nonstop events here at Fiksu: from San Francisco to London to Korea and back, the Fiksu team is wrapping up its multi-country world tour, meeting with and hearing from some of the most influential folks in the industry. After many flights, presentations and demonstrations – and trying to keep track of it all – here is our recap of where we’ve been over the last couple of months. GAMING INSIDERS SUMMIT – OCTOBER 17 One day at Gaming Insiders Summit just wasn’t enough; so much so that organizers are considering extending next year’s event to two……

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