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App Store Competitive Index Hits All Time High, Finds Fiksu’s March Index

March was the month of market maturity for our Indexes, as app developers continue to improve the quality of offerings, advertisers adopt more powerful programmatic and optimization techniques, and device usage continues to skyrocket. Fiksu’s App Store Competitive Index hit a record high of 7.1 million daily downloads in March, a 41 percent increase year-over-year. Although this Index is only indicative of iOS traffic,eMarketer predicts that growth rates for Android and iOS will be almost identical at 18.2 and 17.8, respectively, in 2014, so it is likely similar parallels can be expected with Android downloads. Although traffic was high, marketers were able to…..

The New Face of Mobile Ads

It’s been a busy week for our Chief Strategy Officer Craig Palli: with all the recent news around the changing mobile advertising landscape, his expertise has been in high demand. Last Thursday, Craig spoke with Mike Shields of the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today about the importance of app install ads, on the heels of Facebook’s earnings announcement. Today, Craig’s thoughts on Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo — and what it will take for each to succeed with app install ads — were included in a contributed post titled The New Face of Mobile Ads in Brand Republic’s Wall blog. Not…..

Fiksu One of Boston Magazine’s “Next Tech Gold Mines”

In the day-to-day excitement and chaos of running a fast-growing technology business, it’s sometimes hard to get perspective on where we really fit in the larger community. Because of that, outside perspectives like today’s Boston Magazine article on the state of ad tech in Boston are incredibly valuable. Author Michael Fitzgerald (@riparian) investigated the exploding Boston-area ad tech landscape through five companies: DataXu, Nanigans, Swoop, Hubspot, and Fiksu. His article explores the relationship between investors, emerging businesses, and long-term regional development. We’re honored to be considered part of Boston’s Next Tech Gold Mine and hope that the ad tech industry does stay a…..

Facebook for Games eBook: No Cheesy Headlines, Just Performance

As marketers, we’re often looking for some attention-getting device to get people to notice our message. Sometimes you have a great story, but there’s no one individual, dramatic point to make. Thus, there’s a temptation to resort to headlines like “long lost secrets of app marketing” and that sort of thing.  We’ve all seen these kind of headlines, and we’ve all probably clicked on a few of them. Facebook has presented game marketers with great opportunities to find high quality users. There is a bit of a dilemma though – the scope and number of different ways to segment is…..

Why iOS App Marketers Should Care About Exchange Rates

Most US Apple app developers understand that for every $0.99 purchase on iTunes, they make $0.70, a 70% cut. However, for international sales, that percentage varies due to a few factors Apple has a tiered pricing & commision structure for all purchases, and this structure is different for each country’s currency. For instance: Apple converts other currencies into the developer’s currency using the exchange rate at time of payout Apple’s pricing matrix is not updated in real-time Given this, if exchange rates fluctuate (as they always will), US developers may not make 70% USD cuts for a given currency’s pricing…..

Apple Clarifies IDFA Use for Attribution

In rapidly evolving industries, uncertainty can be a killer — so the introduction of the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) with iOS 6 was a welcome relief. The app marketing industry needed a privacy-respecting, industry-standard way to attribute ad performance, and the IDFA seemed like an ideal answer to an unsettled situation. Then, the news reports in February cited rejections of some apps who accessed IDFAs but didn’t display ads, throwing the situation back into confusion. Now, as Sarah Perez at TechCrunch just noted, Apple has made some changes to the iTunes Connect agreement that seem to confirm our initial interpretation of the…..

Apple Confirms What We’ve Known All Along

Earlier this week Apple released its updated figures on iOS adoption, showing that 87 percent of devices are running on iOS 7, 11 percent on iOS 6 and 2 percent on earlier OS’. And would you look at that – an identical representation of what Fiksu is seeing on its iOS adoption tracker! With rumors of iOS 8 looming, you can bet we’ll be watching!

SimplePrints Grows 70% in Five Months with Fiksu and Facebook

StoryTree’s SimplePrints app provides a fast and easy way to turn your photos into a printed photo book. And Fiksu provides a fast and easy way to scale a business with Facebook – so it only made sense that we were able to work with StoryTree to help grow their business by over 70% in just five months. Here’s the new case study. A picture-perfect match While Facebook’s mobile app install ads have proven their value to many app marketers, our programmatic technology can take that value to the next level. StoryTree is a great example: they had been marketing…..

January: A Post-Holiday “Correction” Period for App Marketing

Our newly launched January Indexes revealed the aftermath of the 2013 holiday season, during which app marketers fought for the attention of the masses of eager new device owners. The new Cost per App Launch Index was just $0.16 on both Android and iOS. Converging for the first time since February 2013, this rare occurrence is likely a post-holiday “correction” following the big brand budgets spent around the holidays, especially on Android. Fiksu’s new Cost per Install (CPI) Index for Android dropped 29 percent to $1.27 in January from its December spike of $1.80. By comparison, the CPI Index for iOS…..

Fiksu Shares Success of Plain Vanilla Games Partnership to Fuel Massive Viral Spread for QuizUp

This week, Fiksu shared the success story of our partnership with Plain Vanilla Games on their incredibly popular trivia game, QuizUp – named “the fastest growing iPhone game in history.” Since initial launch in November, QuizUp users have been challenging friends or strangers to quick seven-question rounds of trivia questions. Players can challenge friends through social sharing tools or through manual invitations. Fiksu helped QuizUp kick-start this built-in virality and provide the promotional boost needed to succeed in the App Store. To learn more about the strategy that Fiksu and Plain Vanilla implemented to propel QuizUp to the top spot…..