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Overheard this week at Fiksu DSP HQ

Today we’re trying something new. Rather than just writing about what’s happening in the mobile ad industry or discussing the latest and greatest at Fiksu DSP, we’re instead going to try and provide you with some light Friday morning reading. The goal of this new endeavor “Overheard at Fiksu DSP HQ” is to once a week give you a sense of the people and personalities churning the butter behind the scenes. It’ll be funny, dumb, relatable, heartbreaking, agonizing, poignant: but mostly just short.

As an inaugural reader we welcome your feedback. Should we keep it up? Shut it down? More dog pictures? Let us know in the comments.

So without further ado, here’s the first “Overheard at Fiksu DSP HQ”.

  • “Hello Zsa Zsa! Hello! Hello! Welcome back, we missed you!” — office dog’s first visit to the new offices
Not a fan of the office paparazzi
Not a fan of the office paparazzi


  • “Ready to skate again?” — upon seeing Micah has ditched his crutches
  • “Facebook isn’t giving me enough scale anymore.” — anonymous prospect
  • “Thanks” — Ben, searching for adjectives to add to this post
  • “Who here is the most likely to be a closet welder?” — Consensus is we need to chop down the table in one of the conference rooms… if we can find someone with the tools.
  • “Remember: winner buys me lunch. Loser buys me lunch.” — Matt’s innovative sales motivation technique

Sales whiteboard

That’s it for now. Enjoy the long weekend!