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New Ebook: Press play on a winning mobile video strategy

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About two thirds of the media we buy each day is now video inventory. Why so much? It’s simple: mobile video campaigns convert for our clients.

But for marketers new to video, we often hear the road to building a successful and repeatable campaign is fraught with unexpected complexity, frustration, and is a time sink.

To help all marketers – and especially those dipping their toes into mobile video for the first time –  we wrote, Video: The gold standard in mobile advertising. The purpose of this content is to help you start faster and more successfully with video.

Specifically, this ebook will help mobile marketers who:

  • Struggle to design mobile video ads that convert
  • Baffled by the different format and placement options
  • Concerned how to benchmark video’s performance

While a short introduction to all that video offers marketers, this guide should reassure you that you’re asking the smart questions and taking the right steps to devise a mobile video strategy.

Hey, and when the time comes to talk about running a paid video campaign, hopefully you’ll be in touch with us!

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